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Top 9 Things To Do in Melbourne

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Melbourne is one of the most exciting cities in the world. It’s impossible to be bored on your trip to Melbourne, with its multitude of sites to see and things to do. There’s always something happening at anywhere and at any given time in Melbourne. To make your Melbourne holiday a truly exciting one, we recommend that you fill your itinerary with these activities.

Get Some Culture at One of Melbourne’s Many Museums

Be mesmerized with art and history at the museums in Melbourne
Australian Centre for the Moving Image | Credit: @choispace

It’s customary to visit the museums at the city you’re visiting, but in Melbourne, the experience is truly worth it. The permanent collections at the National Gallery of Victoria alone can keep you fascinated, and there are plenty of others to check out, including the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, the Melbourne Museum, and Museum Victoria.

Soak in Some Sunshine at Melbourne’s Green Spaces

Visit Carlton Gardens for nice greenery
Greenery at Carlton Gardens.

One of the many charms of Melbourne is it’s not overwhelmingly full of buildings. The city has devoted hectares of land to parks, gardens and other green spaces, all popular for strolling, cycling, picnics and barbecues. Among the green spaces you must visit in Melbourne are the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Carlton Gardens, and the Fitzroy Gardens.

Get Lost in the Laneways and Arcades

Explore Melbourne's Central Business District
Melbourne city centre from the sky.

The major streets of Melbourne’s Central Business District are connected to each other through a network of laneways and arcades following the Hoddle Grid. These laneways and arcades have become culturally significant and have become homes to many shops, boutiques, galleries, and street art. Many of the arcades are ornately decorated, like the Gog and Magog statues of Royal Arcade and the stained glass ceiling of Cathedral Arcade. You can spend hours exploring these laneways and arcades.

Ride the City Circle Tram

Hop on the city circle tram
City circle tram.

One of the most convenient ways to get around Melbourne’s CBD is to ride the City Circle Tram. The tram runs along the outer edges of the Hoddle Grid and passes by many of Melbourne’s attractions on the CBD and the Docklands. Riding the tram is free, too.

Tour Melbourne’s Restaurants

Mama Wong's is one of the halal restaurants in Melbourne

Melbourne is a city of gastronomic delights, the result of the availability of fresh organic ingredients, the city’s proximity to the sea and Melburnian ingenuity. Splurging on food is extremely worth it in Melbourne, but you can easily find good and filling eats in the city even on a small budget.

Drink Coffee

Melbourne has many coffee shops
A cup of coffee and a cookie to start the day | Credit:

Melbourne is considered to be one of the best coffee cities in the world. The neighborly vibe of the city’s coffee shops, the fact that Australia grows its own coffee, and the fact that Melbourne is in the forefront of coffee roasting and brewing innovation in the country all contribute to the quality of the city’s coffee culture. Don’t stop at the city’s signature flat white. Try the other exotic blends too, preferably while enjoying brunch.

Shop at Queen Victoria

Get your fresh produce at Queen Victoria Market
Queen Victoria Market Meat, Poultry & Seafood Hall.

Queen Victoria Market is a Melbourne institution. Though primarily a marketplace for fresh produce, meats and deli, Queen Vic has almost everything you can think of. No visit to Melbourne is complete without paying homage to Queen Vic.

Conquer your Fear of Heights at Eureka Tower’s The Edge

Conquer your fear at the Eureka Tower
Enjoy a breathtaking view from the Eureka Tower

Imagine standing inside a glass cube suspended 300 meters from the ground. If you’re afraid of heights, you probably won’t be able to take it. But you can at least make the attempt by visiting The Edge, the aforementioned glass cube accessible from the 88th floor of the Eureka Tower.

Watch Footy Live at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds

Enjoy an Australian football game
Australian Football League final of 2013.

AFL is serious business in Melbourne. Some even consider footy as Melbourne’s official religion. Whether you’re an Australian rules football fan or not, you should experience watching a footy game live at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds, if only to witness how rowdy the fans can get at cheering on their favorite team, jeering the opposing team, and heckling the refs. There could even be a brawl if you’re (un)lucky.

It’s impossible to get bored in Melbourne. So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Melbourne right now. While you’re still here, check out other articles on Australia which we’ve listed here!

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