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Things To Do in Taiwan: 10 Exciting Activities For You!

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Taiwan may be a smallish island surrounded by other smaller islands. But just because it’s small, it doesn’t mean you’ll quickly run out of exciting things to do on your visit there. There’s so much to Taiwan than meets the eye. Here’s a roundup of the ten awesome things you absolutely must do on your visit to this country.

Sample Street Food

Street Food (Nico Kaiser)

Taiwan’s street food scene is like nothing you’ve seen elsewhere. Wander far enough and you’ll find streets and lanes lined with food stalls and kiosks, all of them inviting you to stay awhile and pick something to nibble on. Whether you’ll go for safer eats like fried spring rolls or beef noodles, or more daring offerings like snake meat or stinky tofu, you’ll find something to challenge your taste buds when you try out Taiwan’s street food.

Taste The Original Bubble Tea

Things to Do in Taiwan-10 Exciting Activities, Bubble Tea
Bubble Tea (momo.chubzz)

Taiwan is a major global tea producer, and this has earned them the right to play around with their tea. So is born the bubble tea, a chewy and refreshing drink made up of flavoured tea, milk and little tapioca balls. Bubble tea has reached most corners of the globe, but nothing beats the original from Taiwan.

Eat At A Modern Toilet Restaurant.

Things to Do in Taiwan-10 Exciting Activities, Toilet Restaurant
Dish at Modern Toilet Restaurant.

Got a strong stomach for gross toilet humour? Test your limits by eating at a Modern Toilet restaurant, where your food will be served in miniature toilet bowls and bidets, and some food items will be shaped like poop.

Check Out The Night Markets.

Night Market
Hualien Dongdamen Night Market (Rutger van der Maar)

Most of Taiwan’s urbanized areas have their own night markets, and these night markets are venues where you can score quality products at low prices. You can find nearly anything there. But more than that, the night markets are places for awesome food finds and simply for watching the crowd. Haggling is very much encouraged here.

View Taipei’s Skyline From The Observation Deck Of Taipei 101.

Things to Do in Taiwan-10 Exciting Activities Taipei 101
South view from Taipei 101’s observation deck.

You won’t miss Taipei 101 whenever you wander about the capital city’s downtown. Once the tallest building on the planet and with a distinct pagoda design, Taipei 101 offers some spectacular views of the capital city below. Once you’re done viewing the city from the building’s observation deck, you can browse through the high-end luxury shops and boutiques at the lower levels.

Roam About The National Palace Museum.

National Palace Museum, Taipei City.

The National Palace Museum in Taipei is home to hundreds of thousands of artefacts from China’s long history. These treasures used to be housed in Beijing’s Forbidden City. However, in order to protect these treasures from the invading Japanese army during World War II and from Mao Zedong’s faction during the Chinese civil war, Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek moved them from Beijing to Taipei, where they now remain.

Explore A Real Gold Mine At Gold Ecological Park.

Credit: riackumala

Taiwan was once a Japanese colony. Among the effects of Japanese colonization in Taiwan is the development of gold mines in the towns of Jinguashi and Jiufen. Jinguashi is said to contain one of the largest gold deposits in the world. Though gold isn’t mined there anymore, Jinguashi commemorates its gold rush heritage with Gold Ecological Park, where you can visit actual gold mines and see how they were processed.

Travel Back In Time In Tainan.


Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan. While other Taiwanese cities have quickly embraced modernity, Tainan is like a time capsule where you can step into Taiwan’s past. There you can see well-preserved temples and historical buildings. The locals still practice much of their ancient traditions and way of living.

Stroll Through The Alien Terrain Of Yehliu Geopark.

Credit: iinlindawati07

The Yehliu Geopark, located north of Taipei, is a natural seaside park containing numerous sedimentary rock formations. With names like “Ginger Rock,” “Queen’s Head,” and “Sea Candles,” these rock formations are fascinating and can make you feel like you’ve been transported to an alien planet.

Explore Marine Life At Green Island.

Credit: jillyfish444

Ludao or Green Island used to serve as a penal colony for Taiwan. These days, it is more known as a diving site, with tourists going there to see marvellous coral formations and vibrant marine life.

Here are more reasons why you should visit Taiwan. You won’t lack for things to do on your visit to Taiwan. So make your plans and book your trip to Taiwan today.

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