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Things To Know Before Travelling To Indonesia

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What’s the weather like in Indonesia?

Indonesian climate is tropical. It enjoys two seasons: the wet season is from November to April, while the dry season lasts from May to October. The temperature ranges from 21C to 33C, though it’s usually humid during the daytime. Temperatures are generally cooler in the mountain areas. Whichever seasons you prefer, this will be one of the first things to know in making your travelling to Indonesia easier!

Is it safe to travel to Indonesia?

Despite recent bombings in Bali and other reports of conflict between Muslims and non-Muslims in Indonesia, the country is generally safe to visit. Still, you need to keep an eye out for pickpockets and scammers who typically prey on clueless tourists. If you’re a solo female traveler, you’ll need to dress more conservatively to avoid being catcalled. Wear your swimsuits, tank tops and shorts only when you’re at the beach.

Do I need a visa when I travel to Indonesia?

Indonesian visa is required in certain countries
Indonesian full page visa.

Indonesia issued full page tourist visa. Refer to the Indonesia’s tourism website about other related information. Click here.

Indonesia grants visa-free entry to citizens of 169 countries for 30 days. You can view this list of countries here. If you need to stay longer than 30 days, you will need to apply for a visa from an immigration office or checkpoint.

What do I need to bring on my visit to Indonesia?

You’ll need to bring lightweight and breathable clothing when you’re travelling to Indonesia, as it’s always hot and humid there and you’ll never know how well your body can adapt. Sunglasses, I know a hat and sunblock are also a must. It’s always advisable to pack light when you travel to Indonesia, though. More likely than not, you’ll be traveling the islands by boat or bus and your trip will be so much easier if you have all your belongings in a single backpack. Don’t worry about under packing – clothes are cheap in Indonesia. Remember to bring an umbrella or raincoat during the rainy season.

What’s the currency in Indonesia?

Rupiah is the currency of Indonesia
Indonesian currency.

Feel like a millionaire with the Rupiah – Indonesia’s currency. To peg, $1 is equivalent to more or less 11,000 rupiah.

Indonesians use rupiah or Rp as currency. The rupiah is available as coins in 100, 200, 500 and 1000 denominations. Banknote denominations, on the other hand, are available at 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000 and 100000.

Is English spoken in Indonesia?

English is understood and spoken up to a limit in large cities and tourist towns like Bali, Jakarta and Yogyakarta. However, the further you are away from the urban centers, the less likely you are to encounter someone who speaks English. Thus, it’s better to learn a few phrases in Bahasa Indonesia before you go or bring a phrasebook with you.

How do I get around Indonesia?

One of the main transportation in Indonesia
Indonesian Bajaj.

What you need to know about travelling to Indonesia is that it would require you to take flights especially if it’s from province to province, as domestic flights are cheap and convenient. In Java and Sumatra, you have the option to travel by train. In other provinces, getting from town to town will involve getting on a bus, which can be a test of patience due to heavy traffic, bad roads, and the custom of overcharging foreigners for the ride. You can also travel by boat if you have the time. As for getting from one place to another within an urban center, you can flag a taxi. If you’re anticipating traffic, though, you’re better off with riding a becak (the Indonesian tuktuk or rickshaw) or its motorized cousin the bajaj.

What numbers should I call in case of emergency in Indonesia?

If you happen to find yourself in trouble, you can call 110 for the police, 113 for the fire department, and 118 for the ambulance services.

Can I get internet access in Indonesia?

In larger cities and towns, internet access is becoming more and more prevalent. You can visit the post office, internet cafes or a shopping mall to hop on the net. Internet access is rare, though, in areas less frequented by tourists.

Can I use my mobile phone in Indonesia?

Depending on your provider’s roaming services, you can easily make calls or send texts using your mobile phone in Bali, Java and Sumatra. Signals will be weaker in the more rural or remote areas. If you’re staying for more than a week, it’s advisable to buy an Indonesian prepaid SIM card to save on phone costs.

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