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Top 5 Dream Destinations To Satisfy Your Inner Shopaholic

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You love shopping, and you know it. Not all holidays should be about relaxing by the beach or trying local cuisine—finding the best deals can be as fun as discovering new destinations! Nothing beats retail therapy when you’re feeling down, and that’s why we’ve listed 5 dream destinations that should be on your travel bucket list for that much-needed for your inner shopaholic.

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1. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Dream Destinations Shopaholic, Ho Chi Minh Vietnam
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No shopping experience can beat Ho Chi Minh, the ultimate city for all shopaholics out there. What makes Ho Chi Minh’s shopping scene a lot more interesting is that the city offers more than just designer boutiques and fancy malls.

Ho Chi Minh
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The real shopping starts at the bustling traditional markets, and Ho Chi Minh has plenty of them! Saigon Square is a great place to start if you’re not sure where exactly to begin. Find everything from everyday clothes to kitchenware to electronic devices at an affordable price, and don’t forget to negotiate to get better deals.

2. Bandung, Indonesia

Dream Destinations Shopaholic, Bandung
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Other dream destinations for the shopaholic is Bandung. Bandung may not be a fashion capital like Milan and New York, but the city has plenty to offer as well when it comes to fashion. Nicknamed the Paris of Java by the Dutch, Bandung has climbed the ranks to become one of the best shopping destinations in Southeast Asia in the past decades.

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From flea markets to trendy malls to factory outlets, Bandung has something for everyone regardless of demographics! If you’re looking for a more unique shopping experience, head over to Floating Market Lembang. The transactions are done with the Floating Market’s coins which you would need to exchange with Indonesian Rupiah. Shop for traditional souvenirs and snacks like Kueh Tutu (steamed rice cake filled with coconut flakes) and kerepek.

3. Seoul, South Korea

Dream Destinations Shopaholic, Seoul
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Seoul is definitely dream destinations for Shopaholic. You only need two things if you’re planning a trip to South Korea’s capital: an empty suitcase and cash. With great bargains on clothes, cosmetics and household goods, Seoul is simply a shopping paradise that suits your budget. Seoul has both the economical and luxurious sides, so take your pick!

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No shopping trip to Seoul is ever complete without a visit to Myeongdong, the ultimate beauty and skincare haven. Hongdae, Ewha Womans University Shopping Street and Sinchon are the top favourites for youngsters looking for sophisticated and youthful fashion items at a cheap price that starts as low as 5,000 won. You’ll also be entertained by buskers and performers who would bring the place to life at night and during the weekends.

4. London, United Kingdom

Dream Destinations Shopaholic, London
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There’s a reason why London is a beloved destination for all shopaholics and ranks high as a top European shopping city in the list by Globe Shopper Index. Famous for legendary department stores and cobbled shopping streets, get your dose of shopping therapy in the poshest city in the world!

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As Oxford Street and Regent Street just around the corner, you’ll find many flagship stores and designer labels lining up the place. That includes the iconic Selfridges and affordable Primark. Explore Covent Garden for the stylish stores, and be sure to hit Harrods for the unparalleled posh shopping experience. Keep your eyes for sale seasons in London to get the best deals!

5. Bali, Indonesia

Dream Destinations Shopaholic, Bali
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When you think of Bali, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the beach instead of shopping. But fret not, because the traditional markets in Bali are where you can find the best souvenirs, handicrafts and many other trinkets. Ubud Art Market, or locally referred to as Pasar Seni Ubud, is one of the best places to find the best gems like silk scarves and handwoven rattan bags.

Dream Destinations Shopaholic, Bali
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You can actually shop and enjoy the sea breeze at the same time at the open-air Beachwalk Shopping Center that’s located right next to Kuta Beach. The uber-modern mall combines nature and contemporary in the design which creates a relaxing atmosphere unlike any other places.

What are you waiting for? Grab your passport and put on your comfy shoes because we’re going shopping!

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