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When the holiday season approaches, a very ‘serious’ question of “Mum, Dad, where are we going?” from your child is pretty much anticipated. Immediately, you have two important questions that come to mind, which are: Is the destination Muslim-friendly? Is the destination family-friendly?

Fret no more, Tripfez will share with you our awesome top 5 family attractions that are perfect for your next Muslim-friendly family trip!

Hong Kong

No trip to Hong Kong would be complete without trying their delicious dim sum! Steadily becoming the next Muslim-friendly destination, some eateries in Hong Kong now offer HALAL dim sum! Just head down to the ever-famous Islamic Centre Canteen for the best authentic halal dim sum you will ever have. If convenience is your priority, we suggest staying in the Wan Chai area, where it’s just brimming with halal local food. 

While you’re in Hong Kong, it is a must for you to bring your children to Hong Kong Disneyland! It is an obvious choice for a day out filled with laughter and smiles. There are rides to suit all ages, shows, and the opportunity to get up close and personal with beloved Disney characters. The firework show over Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is the perfect end to a magical day. For more thrills and theme-park fun, spend a day at Ocean Park Hong Kong. The combination of rides, shows, play areas, aquatic creatures, and a large aquarium will appeal to kids (and adults!) of all ages!

Let’s go to Hong Kong!


Being one of Asia’s Muslim-friendly destinations, Korea is highly recommended for a family vacation! Explore their beautiful islands such as Nami Island and Jeju Island and take lots of photographs for your own photo album!

As you continue your tour in Korea, why don’t you take it further and travel for less than 1 hour from the city to South Korea’s largest theme park, Everland! Halal food might not be available in the park yet, hence we recommend packing your own food or trying some of Everland’s seafood options. Many have tried the shrimp burger at Burger Café America (no pork but alcohol is served so do dine at your own discretion!). Praying time? Head over to the prayer room located at Global Fair is complete with ablution facilities and prayer mats. ‘Telekung’ or prayer clothes are not provided in the room so don’t forget to bring your own!

Furthermore, the park is super family-friendly as there are big spaces dedicated to strollers outside many rides, and there are also special queues for families with strollers. As the steps and slopes are steep, there are many travellators around to ease your walking!

Ready to say, “Annyeong, Korea“?


Another Muslim-friendly destination in Asia, the vibrant and modern Tokyo is a veritable wonderland for kids and adults alike. There are heaps of attractions to enchant children and help everyone to have fun. 

There are theme parks galore, with something for all ages. Enter the cute and kitsch world of Hello Kitty at Sanrio Puroland or let kids act out a range of scenarios at Kidzania. Then observe many creatures from across the world at Ueno Zoo followed by a few hours at Hanayashiki, believed to be the oldest amusement park in Japan. Or why not channel your inner architects at Legoland Discovery Center?

And finally, saving the best for the last, you won’t be able to ignore the allure of Tokyo Disneyland where all magical experience begins! Do visit DisneySea too as it is another unique Disney experience, combining all your favourite characters and water-based attractions!

Let’s get you started for your trip to Japan!


Xian, China to precise. Include this very Muslim-friendly city into your itinerary. There are more than 50,000 Muslims living in Xi’an which means finding mosques and halal food is a piece of cake in this part of China. In fact, Xi’an was the first Chinese city to be introduced to Islam thanks to the Silk Road passing through the city, and people have been allowed to practice Islam since 651 AD!

Stroll down the Muslim Quarter and you will be spoiled with an endless array of halal street food stalls and restaurants. You should try a bowl of Suan La Fen (hot sour rice noodles), Yangrou Pao (flatbread in mutton soup), and Liangpi (cold noodles). They are all must-try dishes when you’re in Xi’an!

Afterwards, make a stop at the largest mosque in China, Great Mosque of Xi’an. It is both an active place of worship and a popular tourist site. Architectural buffs from all over the world flock here eager to see how traditional Chinese architecture embraces the Islamic elements and functionality, a truly unusual combo. Another place worth visiting whilst you’re in Xi’an is the Terracotta Warriors, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of a collection of terracotta sculptures portraying the armies of the First Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, and stunning Huashan mountain with 5 peaks.

Book your Muslim friendly travel to Xian today!


Things to do in Dubai with kids are plentiful as this amazing city offers an array of adventure-filled places that kids are bound to fall for. You can enhance your kid’s knowledge in a fun way by taking his/her to the Dubai Miracle Garden or the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. These are places where they’d get to learn in the most delightful way possible.

Additionally, there are also an array of activities in Dubai for kids which they would love to indulge in. The kids get to visit water parks like Wild Wadi Water Park, Dreamland Aqua Park, and Laguna Waterpark and enjoy the thrilling water rides with their siblings and parents.

Furthermore, you can take them to the wonderful Dubai Dolphinarium where they’d make some new friends – the friendly Dolphins, and a photograph with these amazing creatures is a must while in Dubai.

Here we go, Arabian night~!

Here you have it, 5 Muslim-friendly places you MUST visit, the next time you’re planning the next family trip! What are you waiting for? Check these places out now and start planning!

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