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Top 9 Activities You Shouldn’t Miss on Your Trip to Tokyo

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If there’s one thing you can be sure about your trip to Tokyo, that’s you won’t ever be bored. This sprawling city offers hundreds of things to do; a month wouldn’t be enough to do them all. If you only have a limited time to spend on a holiday to Tokyo, here is a list of nine activities you must do while you’re in Tokyo!

Catch Some Sumo Action

Sumo wrestling is the epitome of Japan culture
Sumo wrestlers are preparing to fight.

The drama of sumo can’t be compared to anything else. You’ve got two hefty men dressed in loincloths trying their best to get the other out of the ring. Outside the ring, you have an extremely passionate audience cheering or jeering. Emotions can get so high that it’s not unusual to find a member of the audience hurling their chair into the ring. So if it’s tournament season, go score tickets to the next sumo bout.

Watch People at Yoyogi Park

Find peace and serenity at Yoyogi Park
Yoyogi Park during spring | Credit: @thecatyouandus

You don’t really have to pay to be entertained in Japan. All you need to do is to head to Yoyogi Park on a weekend, sit under a tree and watch the people around you. Aside from the usual bikers and joggers, Yoyogi Park is often crowded by hobbyists engage in martial arts, Cosplay, dancing, jamming to the latest tunes, and sometimes a combination of all of the above.

Experience Otaku Culture

Akihabara is Otaku's paradise in Tokyo.
Akihabara is where all things Otaku can be found.

Japan’s most popular cultural export are anime and manga – Japanese animation and comics – as well as video games. People who love them, usually call themselves otaku. In Akihabara, you’ll find all sorts of establishments catering to otaku culture, including shops that sell otaku collectibles and maid cafes.

Visit a Themed Café

Themed cafes are famous in Tokyo
Crafty meals at Cinnamoroll Cafe | Credit: @thinkofmin

Speaking of maid cafes, you need to visit a themed café even if you’re not an otaku. It can be very relaxing, for instance, to sip tea while petting a cat in a cat café. Playing video games with a waitress dressed as a maid in a maid café can help pass the time. Or if you’re into Harry Potter, you’re sure to stumble upon a Harry Potter-themed café in Tokyo.

Cross Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya crossing is a must do activity
Sunset view from Shibuya crossing.

Shibuya Crossing, an often busy intersection with big pedestrian lanes, is one of the most iconic sights of Tokyo. This intersection can accommodate as much as 3,000 people crossing at the same time. It would be a shame to go to Tokyo and pass up an opportunity to join the crowd. While you’re in Shibuya, you should go shop for some trendy Tokyo fashions as well.

Eat Authentic Edomae-Zushi

Try tokyo-style sushi
An array of sushi | Credit: @allanbeckmann97

The sushi that the world is familiar with is Tokyo-style sushi, also known as Edomae-zushi. Nothing beats the original, though, so if you want to have a taste of what real sushi is like, go to a sushi place in Tokyo.

Sing Karaoke, Preferably at Smash Hits

A karaoke spot in Shibuya, Tokyo
An entrance to a karaoke spot in Shibuya | Credit: @biancagreenart

Japan is the birthplace of karaoke, and while some prefer to rent a private room at a karaoke bar so they can sing their hearts out within the safe circle of their friends, some people are brave enough to actually belt it out in public at Smash Hits, a popular karaoke joint. So put on a brave face and sing there.

See Tokyo from the Top of Tokyo Tower

Enjoy breathtaking views from Tokyo Tower
City view from Tokyo tower.

Tokyo’s cityscape can be breathtaking, whether you look at it in daytime or at night. During the day, you’d be treated to towering buildings rubbing shoulders with gardens and temples. At night, you’ll see the streets of Tokyo lit up brightly. Perhaps one of the most touristy things to do in Tokyo is to view its cityscapes from the observation deck of Tokyo Tower.

Sleep in a Capsule hotel

Capsule hotels are famous in Tokyo
Capsule hotel at Shinbashi, Tokyo.

Capsule hotels are hotels that feature stacked “rooms” that some people morbidly compare two morgue compartments. Morbid or not, they’re comfortable enough and each compartment has its own TV, air conditioner and Wi-Fi access. These capsule hotels are popular with budget travelers and backpackers, but they’re worth a try for at least one night, even if you’re not traveling on a budget.

Excited to go to Tokyo yet? Go book your Tokyo holiday right now! Plan your trip with itineraries and tips we’ve listed in articles here!

Say Konichiwa to your Muslim Friendly Holiday in Japan!

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