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Where To Shop In Australia: Best Shopping Place

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You’ve seen enough of the kangaroos, picked and tasted sweet apples, went to some of Australia’s nicest places and even did chill like a true Australian. Hmmm… Something’s missing. Shopping! No wonder you feel incomplete. A holiday is never complete without buying souvenirs and that’ll be just a missed opportunity if you don’t shop for anything. If you don’t know where to shop in Australia, here are some recommendations:

Oxford Street, Sydney

Where to shop, oxford street, sydney
 A most popular place to shop before heading back home

If you only left with one day to shop, look no further than Sydney’s Oxford Street. Street shopping is the place for you to head to and spend till you faint. As you might get lost for its different three divisions of the market, here’s a map for some guidance. On Oxford Street, this is where cheap high street shopping and jumbo department store co-exist along with some of Australia’s best designers.

Westfield, Sydney

Where to shop westfield, sydney
Exclusive brands for fashionistas with residence above mall.

Probably the most popular and iconic tourist destination for shopping in Sydney, the Pitt Street Mall. Located in Sydney’s fashion hub it offers an exclusive fashion and beauty products alongside its resident luxury boutiques. Find yourself indulging in Chanel, Calvin Klein, Versace, DKNY, Miu Miu, Pandora, Gucci and many more.

Chadstone Shopping Center, Melbourne

Where to shop Chadstone, Melbourne interior design
Where to shop Chadstone Shopping Center, Melbourne
Catch the free Fashion Shuttle to receive a complimentary Shopping Passport occupied with more than 100 special offers.

What can be more appropriate? Australia’s largest mall is inside the fashion capital. Why fashion capital? Well, why not when it houses more than 500 boutiques of international luxury brands and Australian designer boutiques under one roof. Pretty much being the largest collections for it too. (they always had the latest stocks restored!) A proof that you’re a tourist will make you entitled for an exclusive access to the Chadstone Tourism Shopping Passport that will offer you with a lot more of luxury brands, homeware, Australian designers retailers by collecting the offers booklet at the in-centre customer service desk.

Harbour Town, Gold Coast

Where to shop Harbour Town, Gold Coast
There’s a prayer room and halal dining available here too

A must go shopping place at Gold Coast for a tourist, which is YOU! By having more than 200 stores with at least 30% off for clearance stores from its original retail price, this is definitely the one worth stopping. Feast your eyes – your shopaholic instincts will definitely get hyper with brands like Ralph Lauren, Coach, Nike, and Australian brands such as Oroton. Do claim your FREE Tourism Card at the Tourism Lounge – the card is an access for a free VIP treatment from the staff. And of course, you’ll get a special discount and tourist’s incentives with it too.

Westfield Carindale, Brisbane

Special for book lovers Westfield Carindale, Brisbane
Perfect place for families to kill some time

Book lovers who travel? To the front, please. With Brisbane Council City Library, large food court and a Glasshouse Dining Precinct, what more should you ask for? If you ever come here by your own transportation, you only get charged after the first three hours, that is if you park at the available parking spaces.

Rundle Street East, Adelaide

Find everything at Rundle Street East, Adelaide
Adelaide’s Rundle Street East is the place where you can find everything.

How can you go to Adelaide without visiting its pulsing heartbeat? Don’t ask where because this is the place – Rundle Street. It’s the most famous cosmopolitan East End District in Adelaide. Besides shopping for homewares, jewellery, gifts or even clothing, this place is like a City’s Hub to a lot of festivals, events, street parades and even parties. You will not get bored here. It’s situated near to the National Wine Center, Rundle Mall, Botanical Gardens and many more. The best thing doing here includes coffee and desserts, wine and international cuisine.

Eastlands Shopping Center, Tasmania

The largest shopping centre Eastlands Shopping Center, Tasmania
Shopping centre you should not miss while you are in Tasmania.

You might be staying over at Tasmania for its wonderful nature, beautiful waterfalls and breathtaking scenery – but let’s be honest shopping is also in your head while in there. Eastlands Mall is the place then. The largest shopping centre in Tasmania that practically stores everything you need. Storing over 90 stores in this two-level fully enclosed shopping mall might be the one you’re looking for when you just happen to suddenly miss the city feeling. With more than 1445 free car parking, two major discounts department (Big W and K-Mart) and two major supermarkets (Coles and Woolworthes), this mall is more than enough to satisfy your need for shopping.

Hay Street Mall, Perth

Coffee shop Hay Street Mall, Perth
Open-air street mall in Perth.

An open street mall that is nice and clean. The shops ranging from normal to high-end brands and other apparels, gemstone, jewellery, bakery, coffee shops and many more. Located in the centre of the city, near to the train station, this could be one of the places where you had a great shopping experience. As you might finish your shopping early, you can just head on to the other attractions nearby such as the arcades, museum, library or even art galleries. Just don’t lose your mind and have your head straight while shopping.

Old Bus Depot Markets, Canberra

Shop local arts at Old Bus Depot Markets, Canberra
Place for arts and entertainment in Canberra.

A really must go shopping place if you wanted to see the local arts and crafts. Something else where it sticks with the theme of a sensory place, where you can touch, feel, taste, smell and listen to the living markets here. If you decided to have a meal here, you shall be entertained by some of the most talented entertainers and musicians from Canberra. Not to forget, they have different themes on Sunday that makes you feel the excitement event more.

The Mindil Beach Sunset Markets, Darwin

Shop by the beach at The Mindil Beach Sunset Markets, Darwin
 The most romantic shopping mall compare to others.

A heaven for local artworks and handcraft that is definitely a great place to feast your eyes while your stay in Australia. Even if you have no intention to buy any, I bet you’ll be mesmerized with all of those homemade crafts you’ll see there. An add up value to this place is where you get to taste the Australian cuisine from most of the region here. Definitely, a must-visit to shop if you’re looking for Australian art.

Wollongong Central, Wollongong

Wollongong Central, Wollongong
New Shopping mall with great architecture.

With a new vibe of its design after years of development, you’ll surely be satisfied with what it has to offer you in this big three-storey shopping mall. Situated in the centre of Wollongong, having the only Myer and David Jones in the region with more than 150 retailers, you can surely shop till you drop. With new designs of having mobile phone chargers on the tables in the food court, you might just as well not to worry about having your phone battery died and not be able to capture its beautiful design. There’s nowhere else to go for shopping in Wollongong except for this one.

Still not sure if you should go to Australia on your next holiday? We’ve written down some reasons why it is the perfect destination to visit for Muslim travellers too!

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