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Xian Attractions: The Halal Hidden Gem in China

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Xian Should Be The NEXT Muslim Destination!

Not many are aware of China’s large Muslim community. Yet Muslims are part of China’s history: they have lived in China from as early as the eighth century!

China is home to approximately 20 million Muslims, the majority of whom are Chinese-speaking practitioners of Islam. That being said, the lesser-known province of Shaanxi and its age-old capital Xian hold a teeming treasure trove of delightful Muslim-friendly cuisine and rich Islamic history that are just waiting to be discovered!

Here Are The 5 Reasons Why Muslim Travellers Should Visit Xian in 2018

1. The Great Mosque of Xian

One of the oldest and aesthetically eye-pleasing mosques in all of China, the Great Mosque of Xian is perhaps the highlight of your trip here. The traditional Chinese architecture of this mosque continues to stun visitors and worshippers alike to this day as it was built as early as 742 A.D. during the Tang Dynasty and later on expanded upon during consecutive dynasties.

The Great Mosque of Xian offers a distinct charm that’s often unique to ancient mosques which is difficult to replicate elsewhere. It’s definitely one mosque you won’t forget for a long time.

The Great Mosque of Xian is the largest mosque in China
Credit: Alex Berger on Flickr

2. Halal Local Food

Halal Chinese delicacies might be a bit of rarity in some parts of the world, but thankfully not in Xian. Thanks to the sizeable Muslim population living in Xian, there’s a huge array of halal authentic Chinese cuisine for us to choose from and make our tummies happy!

One of the halal chinese dishes you must try in Xian
Credit: Seriouseats.com

Lamb skewers are a mainstay of Xian’s street food scene, and it doesn’t get much better than this, folks! Just look at the picture! Read here about top halal food in Xian that you shouldn’t miss!

Halal lamb skewers in Xian
Credit: @mnanna on Instagram

3. Xian Muslim Quarter

Enticed by the images above? Where to get them?  Xian’s Muslim street market is a local street food heaven! All the shops here are operated and run by the local Chinese Muslim community. Most of whom are from the Hui ethnic group, so it’s the best place to find halal food cuisine.

Muslim Quarter; Xian muslim street market and is a local halal street food heaven!
Credit: Seriouseats.com

It’s also a great place for souvenirs, from miniature terracotta army figurines to kaleidoscopic lampshades. It’ll provide a burst of colour to your home furnishings.

There are various souvenirs sold in Muslim Quarter
Credit: Mitch Altman on Flickr

4. Bell & Drum Towers

The scenery of Bell & Drum Tower during night.
Credit: topchinatravel.com

These two monumental towers are probably Xian’s most notable landmarks, having been built more than 700 years ago in the Ming dynasty. Originally used to signify the passing of time way before the invention of clocks, both towers are timeless bastions of Chinese culture. The Bell Tower is resplendent and magnificent, on the top of which stands a gilded bottle-shaped ornament which shines brightly in the sun.

5. Xian Terracotta Army Museum

It’s almost a sin to miss the Xian Terracotta Army Museum while you’re in China! This UNESCO World Heritage Site is likely one of the most impressive sights you’ll ever lay your eyes on, with a whopping 8000 terracotta soldiers, not including chariots, horses, acrobats, officials, musicians or strongmen!

Terracotta soldiers on the march in Xian.
Credit: chinatouradvisors.com

The complex itself is divided into three different pits. The first pit is the largest and most famous, housing about 6000 soldiers alone.

Xian is a beautiful city as a whole. Rich in harmony and multicultural backgrounds. 5 Reasons are not enough, actually! Explore and discover the beauty of Xian yourself.

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