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10 Most Beautiful Clear Water Beaches in the World

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White sands, tranquil waves and the clearest waters you’ve ever laid your eyes on. What’s not to love about a good beach getaway? We’re always on the lookout for a little slice of paradise that’s the perfect way to unwind and relax. Here are 5 of the most beautiful beaches in the world with the clearest water!

Porto Katsiki

Porto Katsiki Greece is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world
  • Located in Lefkada, Greece, this beautiful beach was said to only be accessible by goats that frolicked through the area.
  • Mostly untouched by time and pollution, the crystal clear waters and fine sandy beach is a gorgeous destination for a getaway.
Clear water at Porto Katsiki
credit: @punkystravels
  • It can only be reached by taking narrow roads, which are usually congested with traffic, followed by walking down a small, winding staircase alongside a cliff.
  • If you can get a taxi-boat, that’s probably the easiest and best way to get there.
  • But no matter your choice of transportation, the journey will be worth it.

Tropic of Cancer Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Tropic of Cancer Beach
  • Also known as the Pelican Beach, the Tropic of Cancer Beach is the longest stretch of clear water beaches on Little Exuma, the Bahamas that spans just a little over a mile. 
Crystal clear water at Tropic of Cancer Beach
credit: @aleherself
  • The water is especially transparent with no obstructions like corals or rocks in the way, making it a true oasis that’s serene, breathtaking and a sight to behold as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

Ipil Beach

Ipil Beach Sandy Shores
credit: @thetravelquandary
  • Those that find themselves on this island located on El Nido, Palawan Island will notice one thing: that it’s empty.
  • Be one with nature and enjoy the company of monkeys, a plethora of chromatic coral, palm trees, and friendly turtles.
Clearest Water in Ipil Beach
credit: @stuartstravelbook
  • If you get the chance to stay for sunset, the backdrop of the mountains makes for incredible scenery, and the sight is absolutely remarkable. Make sure you take a couple of snaps while you can!

Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach Aerial View
  • If you’re a water-sport junkie or an adventure seeker, you’re going to love this beach located in India.
Floating in Elephant Beach Clear Water
credit: @vorosborisz
  • The crystal clear waters are perfect for scuba diving, snorkelling, glass-bottomed boat rides, and even sea walking (an under walk that allows you to breathe underwater and soak in the sights).
  • There’s also a trekking site nearby if you’re looking for a little more greenery.

Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Beach View
credit: @photoslau9
  • This magnificent bay was created by a volcanic eruption tens of thousands of years ago and is now a marine life conservation area. 
Sea life in Hanauma Beach
credit: @ikaika.poki
  • Make your way to Honolulu to spend a little time with exotic marine life.
  • Enjoy the tranquil waves and gorgeous white sand, all while learning a thing or two about how we can save the waters.

Pink Beach

Pink Beach Indonesia as one of the most beautiful beach in the world
credit: @hendrickhartono
  • Located in Komodo National Park, Indonesia, this gorgeous beach wins a spot on our list just for its unique blush-hued sands.
  • The water is glimmeringly clear too, perfect for relaxing and catching a few Insta-worthy shots! Definitely one of the most beautiful beach in the world!
Pink Beach Indonesia
credit: @passportinonehand

Anse Coco Beach

Strolling by Anse Coco Beach
credit: @lkedzierskicom
  • This serene beach is accessible only by a 20-minute walk through a lush forest in La Digue, Seychelles.
Clear Water at Anse Coco Beach in Seychelles
credit: @paaolavella
  • With its natural beauty untarnished apart from a small bar selling coconuts, the sight of the natural pool at the end of the beach shaded by wild palm trees accompanied by the sound of gentle ocean waves makes this an amazing retreat away from civilization.

Seagrass Beach

Laucala Island Seagrass Beach
credit: @laucalaisland
  • Feeling a little boujee? This private Laucala Island is a 50-minute charter flight away from everyday life.
  • It’s covered by the tropical jungle that and can be reached by guided walking tours or horseback rides (if you’re so inclined).
  • Also has some of the archipelagos rarest birds and animals.
Clear Water in Laucala Island
credit: @laucalaisland
  • This pristine beach in Fiji is the perfect spot to play and relax and has a fabulous open-air dining room in the resort nearby.

Playa La Chiva

Horse Running in Playa La Chiva Beach
credit: @nickbarbera7
  • Also known as the Blue Beach, this stretch of white sand and clear water in Puerto Rico makes it one of the Caribbean’s top beaches and in the top running for the most beautiful beaches in the world.
  • If you’re lucky, you’ll see some of the wild horses on the beach too!
Beautiful View at Blue Beach Puerto Rico
credit: @paty_ortz_
  • Also snorkel on your own around a small cay, or a book a trip with one of the island’s guides to check out some secret underwater spots.

Banana Beach

Banana Beach Thailand Clear Water
credit: @kmlekoo
  • As part of a national park and marine preservation area, this beach in Thailand has minimal infrastructure so you can enjoy the beautiful beach for what it is.
Beautiful View Banana Beach Thailand
credit: @money_money_goo
  • Banana boat rides are popular in the area (hence the name) as well as other activities like snorkelling, kayaking and even parasailing too.
  • Perfect for those looking for a little adrenaline and fun by the beach!

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