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7 Halal Travel Myths

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Here are 7 myths about halal travel that every Muslim traveller should know about. Check it out!

MYTH #1: You cannot travel to a place where there is no halal food

If that was the case then Muslims would be stuck only in Muslim majority countries (and miss out on the awesome coffee experience in London!). In reality, you can find halal food everywhere since every corner of the earth has at least one Muslim living there. However, even if there is no halal in the country, in terms of food, Muslims can still eat fish and vegetarian food. I know it’s not the first choice for many meat-loving Muslims but it’s possible, trust me. You can also prepare halal and ready to eat instant food for travel.

MYTH #2: Women cannot drive

This is the most absurd statement ever! My sister and I actually drive in pretty much any country we visit! Although,  there are women in some countries (somewhere in Saudi Arabia, perhaps?) don’t drive because of the culture and laws, not religion.

MYTH #3: You can only visit Muslim countries 

No such thing. As long as we have the visa, passport and money, off we go!

MYTH #4: Women are forbidden to swim

Why, why, what a ridiculous statement. However, over the years there’s a positive development in Muslim travel. We can now see the rise of Muslim friendly resorts with female beach facilities or pools so they can be more comfortable and enjoy swimming. I also love putting together my own hijab free holidays with my girlfriends where I can swim and sunbathe to my heart’s desire. We have awesome swimsuits too!

7 halal travel myths - women are forbidden to swim
Credit: Aheda Zanetti’s Burqini swimsuits.

MYTH #5: No mosque, no travel

Being a Muslim and having to pray 5 times per day doesn’t stop us from travelling. Muslims can pray (almost) anywhere and they don’t need a mosque to pray. Islam is such an easy religion, you can even shorten and combine your prayers to make it easy for yourself. Seriously. It is easy and I have prayed in airports, malls, rest stops and etc. We could probably just pray on the street too, as long as we are not obstructing walkways or stairs and have a proper/clean cloth to use as praying mat.

MYTH #6: Women cannot travel alone

In Islam, it is said that you should not travel without a male guardian. Considering that it was so dangerous back in the day to travel, I understand the context. Nonetheless, times have changed and today it is pretty safe to travel alone, go to work and visit relatives. Or you can read more about travelling solo as a Muslim on our previous post!

MYTH #7: Muslims are terrorists and scary

In light of the growing Islamophobia and anti-bigotry around the world, I know many Muslims are apprehensive of travelling because of how they will be welcomed or perceived in the country of their destination. In true fact, Muslims are not ‘aggressive’ or ‘violent’ as we’ve been portrayed as in the mass media. We are just like the rest of the human population. We are taught to be humble, modest, kind towards others by our own Prophet Muhammad.

ALL 7 statements above – NOT TRUE!

Therefore, there is no excuse not to travel and have fun whether you are Muslim or not. Let’s book that overdue trip to travel the world with Tripfez! We are Your Muslim Travel Expert!

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