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Best Time to Visit Adelaide, Australia

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Best Time to Visit Adelaide, Zoo
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February and March are the best time of the year to visit Adelaide, the weather for these two months are just perfect for visitors as this is the beginning of autumn. But if your concern is not really the weather, continue reading to know more.

Adelaide, the charming capital city of South Australia, doesn’t get as much tourist traffic as Melbourne or Sydney. Yet it’s a city you definitely a must-see for the lovely European architecture look & feel, the city’s proximity to numerous outdoor adventure opportunities, and for its glorious food. Now, we have all been there, when is the best time to visit Adelaide, Australia?

February and March are the best months

Best Time to Visit Adelaide, Summer
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To visit Adelaide in February is ideal, it is late summer in Australia, while March heralds the coming of autumn. This means the outdoor temperature is cool enough for outdoor jaunts, and you won’t be bogged down by summer humidity or winter rainfall while you’re out and about. Plus, the summer crowd would be thinned out and school’s starting. So, you’d have fewer people to jostle with as you sightsee your way through Adelaide. We are serious when we say this is the best time of the year.

Best time to visit Adelaide when its “Mad March”

Best Time to Visit Adelaide, Mad March
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A more important reason for visiting Adelaide in February and March is the “Mad March” season. The city’s social calendar becomes jam-packed with festivals you must not miss starting late February and all the way through March. Among these festivals are:

Adelaide Festival

Best Time to Visit Adelaide, festival
Adelaide street art; was taking during Adelaide festival promoting diversity of cultures in Adelaide.

As the foremost art event in the whole of Australia and one of the biggest in the world, Adelaide Festival is a celebration of art at its finest. The Festival attracts world-famous artists in classical music, dance, theatre, and the visual arts. The Adelaide Festival also includes the Adelaide Writers’ Week, wherein renowned authors from across the globe hold panel discussions about numerous literary topics.

Adelaide Fringe

Best Time to Visit Adelaide, fringe
Adelaide fringe parade of 2014.

Established in 1960, Adelaide Fringe first began as a reaction against what was perceived to be the exclusivity of the Adelaide Festival during that time. From its modest beginnings, the Fringe has grown into one of the biggest annual celebrations of art in the world. For 24 days, Adelaide becomes home to everything artsy, from circus performances in stand-up comedy to film and theatre. Weird and whimsical is the norm in the days of the Fringe.


Best Time to Visit Adelaide, WOMADelaide
Crowd at WOMADelaide festival.

WOMADelaide is a four-day festival celebrating world music, art and dance. Formerly a part of the Adelaide Festival, WOMADelaide features performances and exhibits by artists from all corners of the planet, as well as workshops and panel discussions.

Clipsal 500 Adelaide

Airplane show during Adelaide Clipsal 500.

If you’re more into supercars and the strong need for speed than the arts, then you must visit Adelaide for the Clipsal 500 races. This four-day V8 car racing event is the largest Motorsports event in Australia, if not the southern hemisphere. Clipsal 500 is more than just supercars, though. It’s a family-friendly event that features food, stunts and demos.

All year round, Adelaide aims to please

Central Market Adelaide
Credit: shitadelaide

Adelaide city is fun, even without the festivals mentioned since it has the country vibe the city painted with its picturesque natural wonders it possesses. A trip to the botanical garden, Adelaide hills, the Zoo and the Art gallery will be a fruitful experience for everyone, couples and families included. Adelaide also offers delicious halal food. So, are you planning to go to Adelaide yet? Book your trip to Adelaide today.

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