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Where to Eat Awesome Halal-Certified Food in Seoul

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Seoul is one of those cities where it’s not a challenge for Muslims to find a decent place to eat. Because of the presence of South Korea’s Muslim minority and the government’s strong policies safeguarding Muslim culture and practices, there are a lot of restaurants in Seoul that serve halal-certified yet traditional Korean food. I know what you’re thinking, how can we say that these places are the best? We’ve got here the top five halal restaurants in Seoul where you can partake of Korean food prepared traditionally but is safe for Muslims to eat. However, now, Korea has strict regulations. Thus, it is a hassle to travel there. But, don’t worry, we got your back. Check out tips on how to tackle this situation here.

EID Halal Korean Food

Where to Eat Awesome Halal-Certified Food in Seoul, EID Halal
EID – 이드 Halal Korean Food

If you don’t know where to eat awesome Halal-certified food in Seoul, EID Halal Korean Food should be on your list. Located near the Seoul Central Masjid in Itaewon, EID serves homemade, halal-certified, traditional Korean food. Popular items off their menu are the Bibimbap and the banchan (a meal made up of multiple side dishes served with rice and kimchi) and their Korean stir fry beef or also known as Bulgogi. Small and family-owned, EID only has four or five dishes available to choose from at a time.

  • Must-Try in their menu: Korean stir fry beef
  • Facebook Page: EID Halal Korean Food
  • Phone Number: +82 70-8899-8210
  • Address: 67, Usadan-ro 10-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-911
  • Opening Hours: 11:30 – 21:00, Tuesday to Sunday.
  • Directions: Watch the video below.

Foreign Restaurant

Where to Eat Awesome Halal-Certified Food in Seoul, Foreign Restaurant
Foreign Restaurant Seoul

Another place to find awesome Halal-certificate food in Seoul is Foreign Restaurant. Located in Itaewon and specializes in Indian food. But it also serves Arab and Bangladeshi food, with a smattering of Korean, Chinese and Italian. People often come here for the buffet; while slightly limited, the buffet does give value for money at 19,000 won per person (as of this writing). The food served at the buffet is kept hot and replenished quickly.

  • Must Try in their menu: Tandoori Chicken
  • Facebook Page: Foreign Restaurant
  • Phone Number: +82 2-794-9292
  • Address: 136-45 Itaewon Dong, Yongsangu, Seoul
  • Opening Hours: 11:30 – 23:00, Daily
  • Directions: Itaewon Station (Line 2) Exit 3, walk to the traffic lights and turn right up the hill, walk up 30 meters up to the hill on your left.

Makan Halal Korean Restaurant

Where to Eat Awesome Halal-Certified Food in Seoul, Makan Halal
Makan Halal Korean Restaurant

Similar in style to EID and also located near the Seoul Central Masjid, Makan Halal Korean Restaurant dishes out traditional, halal-certified Korean food. Owned by a Muslim family, Makan has more items on its menu than EID. Additionally, Makan offers packed lunches for guests who don’t have the time to stay and enjoy their food on site.

  • Must Try in their menu: Samgyetang, a Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup
  • Facebook Page: Makan Halal Korean Restaurant
  • Phone Number: +82 2-6012-2231
  • Address: 52, Usadan-ro 10 gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
  • Opening Hours: 10.30 – 22:00, Opens Everyday. Closed on Tuesdays.
  • Directions: From Seoul Central Masjid, Makan Halal Korean Restaurant is next to EID.

Yang Good (Yangguk) Halal Korean BBQ

Where to Eat Awesome Halal-Certified Food in Seoul, Yang Good
Photo by Adora Aida

You can eat awesome Halal-certified food in Seoul, here at Yangguk. The only restaurant on this list that is not located near the Seoul Central Masjid or Itaewon, Yang Good BBQ in Yeoksam is where you can sample the world-famous Korean barbecue without any worries. You can enjoy a good lamb kebab prepared Korean style, glazed with sweet-spicy Korean barbecue sauce. Barbecues and kebabs are not the only food you can enjoy at the Yang Good BBQ; they also serve other traditional Korean dishes like cold noodles.

  • Must Try in their menu: Skewered Lamb meat and mutton soup!
  • Facebook Page: Yang Good Korean BBQ Lamb – Halal
  • Phone Number: +82 2-567-7060
  • Address: 15, Nonhyeon-ro 95-gil, Gangnam-gu | Pyeonghwa Bldg. 1F, Seoul
  • Opening Hours: 3PM till late hours
  • Directions: Yeoksam Station (Line 2), Exit 6.

BoA Travel House

BoA Travel House
Credit: BoA Travel House

Conveniently located in Hongdae, BoA travel house also houses a restaurant that only serves halal food via dosirak? Ever heard of a dosirak? A dosirak in Korean packed lunch boxes. So let’s say you plan to hangout in Hongdae after some light walking, it is so convenient to take away food from BoA guest house. Fret not, as you can also dine inside the restaurant.

  • Must Try in their menu: Bulgogi Dosirak. Yums!
  • Facebook Page: Halal Korean Food Dosirak, Hongdae of Seoul
  • Phone Number: +82 2-323-6255
  • Address: 15, Sinchon-ro 1-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
  • Opening Hours: 12PM-9PM
  • Directions: Get down at Hongik University Station, and walk to Hongik University St., you won’t miss it. It won’t be hard for you to find a decent restaurant in Seoul that serves halal food. A stroll through Itaewon will lead you to many delicious and safe food finds. When in doubt, though, you can always ask at the restaurant if they serve vegetarian options to items off their menu.
    • Editor’s note: BoA Halal Korean Food Dosirak is closed since April 2019 until further notice according to their Facebook.

Now that you know where to find halal-certified food in Seoul, all you have to do is enjoy! Book your trip to Seoul today.

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