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Hong Kong Shopping Guide

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Hong Kong Shopping Guide, Skyline
Hong Kong skyline (Credit: whereisevanika)

Part of the equation, why Hong Kong is such a memorable place for Malaysians is because it is a place where food and shopping will never get divorced, they just complement each other. Since you have enjoyed Hong Kong attractions, you are not allowed to go back to Malaysia without anything. Key chains are lame, we both know that and yes, selfies are not also allowed. Check out our Hong Kong shopping guide.

Hong Kong is a country with so much shopping happening, you don’t want to miss these places while you are travelling there. Prepare your credit cards as we will do some serious swiping at Hong Kong.

Citygate Outlets at Tung Chung

Hong Kong Shopping Guide, Citygate Outlets
Credit: therissa_love

We are pulling the big guns on this one. The Citygate Outlets is the place to be for bargain shoppers if you are keen on buying well-known brands at a discount. Shops from Nike, Adidas, Esprit, Escada, Dunhill are located in this beautiful complex, these shops are screaming 50% of the minimum. Sil and I were talking about the Citygate outlets in Tung Chung and he mentioned that he was able to buy 6 pairs of shoes all at 70% discount in Adidas, and he said he bought six because it was so cheap and it was a perfect way to indulge during the holidays.

What we like about it: 50-90% off on so many items, you will not leave this place empty-handed, if you did. It’s either you’re too picky or your credit card did not work. In both cases, you don’t want this to happen to you, don’t you?

Hong Kong Stanley Market

Credit: cheungshannon

Well known for its bargains – Stanley Market is where you’ll be able to buy at reasonable prices some branded clothing items (larger sizes available), silk garments, home furnishings, souvenirs, jewellery and even ornaments and knickknacks. While you might feel hungry with a lot of shopping to do, no worries. It is located nearby the eateries along the seaside.

What we like about it: Your money’s worth will really depend on your haggling skills. The Stanley Market is a tourist attraction itself and pretty sure that so many tourists are here doing their own things. With the number of tourist flocking to Stanley, some vendors are taking the opportunity to mark up prices.

Cat Street Market

Hong Kong Shopping Guide, Cat Street
Credit: jleljd

They’re not selling cats! Funny la, you! Cat Street Market is the other name for either Cat Alley or The Upper Lascar Row. Fun fact, the name came about during the ancient time when the market is the host for selling antiques stolen by the thieves, which are called “Rat” by locals. Thus, the buyer was called “Cat” and it has become Cat Street ever since. The antiques here range from jades, ceramic, wooden handicraft items or even silk products. Bargain all you want people.

What we like about it: Cat Street Market is a perfect place to shop for the missing piece in your apartment or home. With so much variety of antiques, buying something unique here is highly probable.

Harbour City Mall

Hong Kong Shopping Guide, Habour Mall
Credit: jini921

Another Hong Kong shopping guide is this luxury Harbour City Mall. Nearby with the Star Ferry terminal, connected with three hotels, filled with more than 700 shops, that is more than one enough reason to be here. Catered to the big spenders, expect to meet Mr. Vuitton, Salvatore, Ralph and Hugo. In any case, you will be staying in Hong Kong for transit and plan to shop a little, the Harbour City mall is perfect for that simple pleasure of yours. It’s so big that you need a map not to get lost!

What we like about it: If money were no object, this is the place to be. Not only that, but there are also Instagram-friendly corners of the mall that you might want to snap a photo even if you vow to have an Instagram fasting.

Granville Road at Tsim Sha Tsui

Hong Kong Shopping Guide, Granville
Credit: kalindahao

Left with a limited budget after having so much fun at the theme parks? Then, this is where to go. Granville Road is only one of the shopping places in around Tsim Sha Tsui. Granville Road is where to find the trendy fashion wear filled with youth street labels, affordable cosmetic and factory outlet for clothes. This is a hot spot when it comes to Ladies Fashion where the style of nowadays Hong Kong ladies’ less conventional fashionistas came from.

What we love about it: Tsim Sha Tsui is one of those places that you can compare to Pasar Seni where everything is there. Food, entertainment, cultural diversity and loads of shopping. The Hongkis know how to shop, and TST is a place where they frequently do it, so should you.

Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay
Credit: veronika.davi

The exact place where a Shopaholic should go. Cause you’ll be exercising from one shop to another, from morning to night. From shopping malls, to department stores, street markets and even retail stores. And here, I’ll focus on two major shopping attractions (it’s a hard decision); SOGO department store and Jardine’s Crescent.

Jardine Cresent
Credit: rahrahsong

SOGO Department Store is the biggest store in Hong Kong, where it stacks up all the good stuff from cosmetics, clothes and electronics. While, Jardine’s Crescent is an open street market that is lively for its bargaining activity for clothing and accessories. It’s an alternative for girls who can’t go to the real Ladies Market.

Fabric Market at Sham Shui Po

Fabric Market
Credit: _sarahfreeland

Lastly, on Hong Kong shopping guide is Fabric Market. It is one of the most raved about places in Hong Kong in Sham Shui Po. Before Hong Kong is Hong Kong, it was the garment district of Asia, where all the clothes are manufactured before it was passed to China. The fabric market is still pretty much alive and you can buy different textiles and DIY supplies in this area. Ladies can go gaga for ribbons, trims and beads that will pop out in every corner. Just go on a weekday since most shops are closed on the weekdays.

What we love about it: Everything is cheap and pretty. If we can compare this to Bangkok’s Fabric Market or Yogyakarta’s, Hong Kong’s fabrics have better quality and better value. The trip here and the hassle of going in the weekday morning is so worth it!

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