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Macau is the Vegas of the East, and it’s as glitzy and glamorous as it can get! The question is, is it Muslim-Friendly enough? Don’t worry, you can still make the most of your Macau trip by seeking these top experiences!

Go On A Food Trip.

Top Muslim-Friendly Experiences In Macau For You! Tart
Macanese Tart/Portuguese egg tart (chee.hong)

Macanese cuisine isn’t easy to find outside Macau, so once you’re there, eat up. Don’t miss the old favourites, such as Portuguese egg tarts from Lord Stow’s Bakery, and almond cakes from Koi Kei. Have a taste as well of the Portuguese-Chinese dishes so beloved in Macau, like Caldo Verde, Portuguese seafood rice, and crab congee.

See The Local Temples

Top 10 Experiences that Must Be Part of Your Macau Holiday Itinerary, Temple
Temple at Matsu cultural village.

Macau may be known for its razzle-dazzle, but it has a spiritual side to it too. If you’re tired of the noise and bustle of the casinos and the shopping malls, head to one of the three venerated temples of the region: A-Ma Temple, Kun Iam Temple, and Lotus Temple. Not only is there silence to be enjoyed in these places, but you can also see wonderful works of religious art.

Take A Selfie By The Kun Iam Statue.

Top 10 Experiences that Must Be Part of Your Macau Holiday Itinerary, Statue
Kun Iam Statue.

The Kun Iam statue in the Kun Iam Temple is a representation of the goddess Guanyin, the Chinese goddess of mercy. One of the most iconic images of Macau. The gilded statue shows the goddess in a graceful, willowy pose, as if ready to give benediction to her supplicants. A picture of yourself with the goddess won’t be amiss here.

Visit The Catholic Churches.

Top Muslim-Friendly Experiences In Macau For You! Temples
Sam Kai Vui Kun Temple (Richard Mortel)

If you’re going on a tour of Macau’s temples, you might as well squeeze in a tour of its Catholic churches, particularly St. Dominic, St. Lawrence, and St. Augustine. These churches are a marvel in that they are primarily designed in the baroque style but incorporate Chinese elements as well. Like the Buddhist and Taoist temples mentioned above, these churches are also full of beautiful relics and other works of religious art.

Visit Taipa Village.

Top Muslim-Friendly Experiences In Macau For You! Taipa
Taipa Village (travel oriented)

A step on Taipa Village is like a step back in time. Taipa Village is one of the last remaining traditional villages of Macau. It is where the Portuguese settlers lived in their ornate colonial houses. Today, these colonial houses are painted in vivid colours. A nighttime stroll through the streets of the village can be romantic.

Watch The Crowds At Senado Square.

Top Muslim-Friendly Experiences In Macau For You! Senado
Senado Square (Tristan Schmurr)

The beating heart of Macau is not at Cotai Strip; rather, it is there in Senado Square. The lovely, well-preserved colonial buildings and traditional Portuguese paving that mark the Square is almost always busy with people, shopping or dining or simply having a look around. If you’re into people-watching, sit at a café in the Square and observe to your heart’s content.

Go Hunting For Bargains At Rua De San Paulo.

Top Muslim-Friendly Experiences In Macau For You! Rua De San Paulo
Rua De San Paulo (DaKlub)

Close to the Ruins of St. Paul’s is a long road lined with stores selling almost anything – Macanese delicacies, electronics, costume jewellery, imitation handbags, antique reproductions, and many others. This road is none other than Rua De San Paulo, and if you’re looking for a colourful shopping experience, this is the place to go.

View Macau’s Bridges.

The Governador Nobre de Carvalho Bridge.

Taipa Island, the island where Taipa Village is located, is connected to the Macau peninsula via three bridges. These bridges are, namely: the Governador Nobre de Carvalho Bridge, the Amizade Bridge, and the Sai Van Bridge. Picturesque, elegant in design and lit with fairy lights at night, these bridges are amazing to look at, especially in the evening.

See The Whole Of Macau From Macau Tower.

Macau Tower
View from Macau tower.

This is a must in your top 10 experiences that must be part of your Macau holiday itinerary. It is one of the tallest viewing towers in the world. Macau Tower provides spectacular views of the Macau Peninsula and the outlying islands of Taipa and Coloane. The views are breathtaking in the daytime and romantic at night. Visit their website for more info.

Here’s 3D2N itinerary in Macau. Get lost in the wonders of Macau on your trip there. Or just book your trip with us!

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