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Muslims Guide Traveling to Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a Muslim-friendly travel destination, a fact that owes much to the city’s cosmopolitan nature and the presence of a small but lively Muslim community there. This Muslim community is largely made up of immigrants from India, Malaysia and Pakistan. But, there are also a number of Chinese Muslims, either recent converts or born to Muslim parents. Because of these factors, Muslim travel to Hong Kong is not just safe but also truly pleasurable. Check out our Muslims guide travelling to Hong Kong.

Finding Halal Food In Hong Kong

The main concern of a Muslim when travelling is in finding halal food. If you’re a Muslim travelling to Hong Kong, you won’t find it difficult to find safe food to eat here. There are plenty of restaurants serving halal food in Hong Kong. You can choose from a wide array of cuisines. It’s including halal versions of local Cantonese food, as well as Indian, Middle-Eastern, Turkish, Thai, Nepali, even American, and Italian.

Muslims Guide Traveling to Hong Kong, Wan Chai
Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

But, if you want to eat where Hong Kong’s Muslim denizens eat, you should go to Wan Chai. It is where the Chinese Muslims of Hong Kong are concentrated. In the food court at Bowrington Road Market and along the side streets off Wan Chai Road, you’ll find charming eateries like the Islamic Centre Canteen and the Wai Kee Food Shop. These places aren’t as pretty as the more touristy restaurants. Indeed, you won’t find a lot of tourists there because it’s more the domain of students and office workers. But these eateries serve real halal food prepared by Muslims, delicious and kind to the pocket. You need to try the halal dim sum, the roasted duck, and the lamb curry there. Or you can check halal restaurant in Hong Kong here.

Finding Places Of Worship In Hong Kong

Muslims Guide Traveling to Hong Kong, Maps
Map for mosques in Hong Kong

It won’t be a challenge for you to find places where you can worship and say your prayers in Hong Kong. There are a number of Islamic centres you can visit, and there are five mosques as well, all run by the Incorporated Trustees of the Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong (ITICFHK).

Muslims Guide Traveling to Hong Kong, Jamia Mosque
Jamia mosque.

The Jamia Mosque on Shelley Street is the oldest mosque in Hong Kong. Also known as the Lascar Temple, the Jamia Mosque was built twice – the original one was built in 1849 while the current edifice, with its distinct lime-green colour, was erected in 1915.

Muslims Guide Traveling to Hong Kong, Kowloon Mosque
Kowloon mosque.

The Kowloon Mosque is the largest of Hong Kong’s primary mosques. Designed by IM Kadri, the current mosque was completed in 1984 as a replacement to the one built-in in 1896. The mosque is located on Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, and it mostly serves Muslims from Indonesia and South Asia.

The Ammar Mosque
Credit: syakilazakaria

The Ammar Mosque in Wan Chai on Seymour Street is the ITICFHK headquarters, as well as that of the Hong Kong Islamic Youth Association. As thus, aside from being a place of worship, the Ammar Mosque also houses various offices, seminar and conference facilities, classrooms and libraries, shops, and halal restaurants.

The Stanley Mosque
Credit: muar96

The Stanley Mosque is considered the most beautiful of Hong Kong’s mosques, but it’s also the hardest to access. That’s because it’s located inside Stanley Prison, one of Hong Kong’s maximum-security facilities. The Stanley Mosque was built to serve the Muslim staff manning the prison.

Chai Wan Mosque
Credit: masakinimartini

The Chai Wan Mosque, also known as Cape Collinson Mosque, started out as a small hall for funeral prayers and services. It was built in 1963 to replace the original cemetery and prayer hall at Ho Man Tin. Today, the mosque serves Chinese Muslims originating from Taiwan and mainland China.

We hove that our Muslims guide travelling to Hong Kong will help you travel in comfort. Muslim travel to Hong Kong is sure to be a pleasure, so book your Muslim holiday to Hong Kong today.

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