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Scrumptious Food Treats in Melbourne

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Melbourne is a centre of gastronomic delight. Its proximity to the sea and various sources of organic food. Melbourne’s food is fresh and full of colour. The city’s multicultural vibe adds even deeper character to the food. Melbourne’s restaurants may dish out food that doesn’t look any different from the food served elsewhere, but that unique Australian touch and the use of homegrown ingredients do make all the difference. Check out these scrumptious food treats in Melbourne eats when you visit the city by the bay.

Avocado toast

Scrumptious Food Treats in Melbourne, Avocado Toast

Just like most Australians, Melbournians love their avocados. Avocados make an appearance on many a plate in Melbourne’s homes and restaurants. Perhaps the most popular way to eat avocados is to smash them and slather them on toasted bread. You can dress up your avocado toast with vegemite, hummus, eggs, veggies, or whatever else you fancy. It’s Melbourne’s breakfast of champions.

Bombe Alaska

Scrumptious Food Treats in Melbourne, Bombe Alaska
Bombe alaska with berries and fruits.

This Melbournian dessert is distinct with its chocolate-coated shell of meringue spikes. Nestled inside the meringue shell is chocolate and hazelnut ice cream on a chocolate cake base. If you’re a chocolate lover, this dessert will instantly propel you to chocolate heaven.


Scrumptious Food Treats in Melbourne, Burgers
Credit: bellaorda

Melbourne’s burgers are not your usual burgers. Composed of patties made with first-rate and grass-fed beef and buns baked fresh by artisan bakers, these burgers are heaven with every bite. They don’t even have to be made with beef. Make them with tofu, lamb, chicken, or fish and the burger will still be amazing.


Scrumptious Food Treats in Melbourne, Coffee
Credit: sable_org

Coffee is part of the Melbournian DNA. There are many reasons why the Melburnian coffee experience is unique. For one, Melbourne has sophisticated methods of roasting and brewing Australia’s homegrown coffee. For another, Melbourne’s cafes promote a cosy, neighbourhood vibe. Lastly, these cafes serve a wide variety of dishes to go with their coffees, not just the usual pastries and sweets. Try the flat white coffee, a Melbourne brew that features velvety milk microfoam on Arabica espresso.

Fish And Chips

Scrumptious Food Treats in Melbourne, Fish and Chips
Credit: fnc_fishnchips

Just like any former British colony, Melbourne has a love affair with fish and chips. But good Melburnian fish and chips are rarely made out of frozen fish fillets. The fish is almost always fresh, a catch of the day. Moreover, a true Melburnian will want their fish moist, steaming, and coated in a crunchy batter. The chips, on the other hand, must be perfectly golden.

Hot Jam Doughnuts

Scrumptious Food Treats in Melbourne, Doughtnuts
The van that sells hot jam doughnuts for more than half a century.

There is a doughnut van in Queen Victoria Market that’s been there for more than half a century, selling doughnuts filled with hot jam. It’s pretty much an institution, and Melburnians won’t blink at the thought of lining up to get their hot jam doughnut fix.


Common meal at Melbourne cafes, Parma.

Parma, which is what Melburnians fondly call chicken Parmesan, is a staple in many a Melbourne restaurant, diner, and home. What makes Melbourne’s parma so special is not only does it come with a generous coating of that lovely melted cheese, but it’s also served with a lot of fixings. It’s hard not to feel full after having parma for lunch or dinner.


Credit: southgate_melb

Another scrumptious food treats in Melbourne is Phon. Yes, Pho is a Vietnamese dish. But this tasty, meaty and flavorful beef and noodle soup is one heavenly way to fill up for lunch or dinner on the cheap in Melbourne. It’s fast comfort food for whenever you want it, and there’s sure to be a place that sells it near you wherever you are in the city.

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