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Things First-Timers Must Do in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong packs in a lot of excitement for a city of its size. Unless you’re staying for a few months, there’s no way that you can enjoy everything Hong Kong has to offer. So make the most of your short holiday by making these ten things first-timers must do in Hong Kong.

Eat Dim Sum

Things First-Timers Must Do in Hong Kong, Dim Sum
Cute Dim Sum (SilviaSalim)

Dim sum is a meal of “small eats,” and it’s a meal you can enjoy any time from morning to mid-afternoon. The small eats are usually made up of bite-sized portions of potstickers, dumplings, filled buns, egg custard tarts, mango pudding, spring rolls, chicken feet, and many others. It’s customary for families in Hong Kong to enjoy dim sum on weekends.

Enjoy Hong Kong-Style High Tea

Things First-Timers Must Do in Hong Kong, High Tea
High tea at Kowloon, Hong Kong.

As a former British colony, Hong Kong is largely influenced by British culture. Among the customs that Hong Kong adopted from the British is the practice of high tea. Most major hotels in Hong Kong serve high tea, either traditional or contemporary, at their lobbies. The most popular place to take high tea, though, is at the lobby of The Peninsula.

Watch The Races At The Happy Valley Racecourse

Things First-Timers Must Do in Hong Kong, Happy Valley
Happy Valley Racecourse.

Betting at the horse races at Happy Valley on Wednesdays is the norm for many Hong Kongers, but most people who come to the racecourse aren’t there to gamble. They’re there to party and soak in the scene, sometimes in costume if there’s a theme going on that night.

Brave The Chungking Mansions

Things First-Timers Must Do in Hong Kong, Mansions
The famed Chungking mansions.

Hong Kong has no end of high-end shopping malls and bargain night markets, but if you want your shopping to have an edge of adventure, head on to Chungking Mansions. This compound of high-rise buildings is a treasure trove of booty, ranging from pre-loved clothes to secondhand electronics, bought and sold by traders from all over the world.

Watch A Symphony Of Lights Aboard A Star Ferry

Things First-Timers Must Do in Hong Kong, Star Ferry
Spectacular night view in Hong Kong.

A Symphony of Lights is one of the nighttime marvels of Hong Kong. You can watch it from different venues, but the best and most romantic way to do so is from the upper deck of a Star Ferry while it cruises down the harbour.

Hike The Dragon’s Back

Things First-Timers Must Do in Hong Kong, Dragon back
View from the peak of Dragon’s Back.

There’s more to Hong Kong than fancy skyscrapers and urban landscapes. Just outside of the city, you’ll find a lot of hiking trails that will take you closer to nature. The Dragon’s Back Trail is one of them. It will take you up the hills where you will find lovely views of the city and its beaches below.

Go Temple-Hopping

Things First-Timers Must Do in Hong Kong, Temple hopping
Wong Tai Sin temple.

Hong Kong may have fully embraced modernity and the fast pace of life that comes with it, but in its heart, it still holds close many of its ancient beliefs and traditions, as embodied by its many Buddhist and Taoist temples. A visit to Hong Kong won’t be complete without a tour of these temples, the most notable of which are the Man Mo Temple, the Wong Tai Sin Temple, the Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery, and the Po Lin Monastery.

Bask In The Serenity Of The Tian Tan Buddha

big budha
Evening lights on The Big Buddha, Lantau island.

Speaking of the Po Lin Monastery, this religious compound is where you will find the Tian Tan Buddha, one of the largest statues of Buddha sitting outdoors. You have to climb 200 steps just to get to the statue’s haunches. But a glimpse of the Buddha’s serene face is worth the effort.

See The Whole Of Hong Kong From Victoria Peak.

victoria peak
Hong Kong from Victoria Peak.

No visit to Hong Kong would be complete without looking down from it from the vantage of Victoria Peak. From its observation decks, you will have an untrammelled view of one of the most beautiful harbours and skylines on the planet.

So make sure you don’t miss these sights and excitements on your trip to Hong Kong. If you’re looking for more info on halal foods in Hong Kong, we’ve got you covered too! Haven’t booked your Hong Kong trip yet? Make it a point to do it now!

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