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Top 12 Attractions You Must See on Your Hong Kong Holiday

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For a city of its size, Hong Kong packs in so much excitement that you’re likely to want to stay here for weeks and weeks. But if you only have a short time to spend in this China’s version of Wall Street, here are the Top 12 Attractions You Must See on Your Hong Kong Holiday.

Victoria Harbor

Top 12 Attractions You Must See on Your Hong Kong Holiday, Victoria Harbour
One of the world’s busiest and most impressive natural harbours.

The iconic Victoria Harbor is Hong Kong’s most famous sight. This natural harbour is a dazzling display of towering buildings signifying the vibrancy of Hong Kong’s economy. Its skyline is synonymous with Hong Kong itself.

A Symphony of Lights

Credit: hresende21

At night, Victoria Harbor becomes the stage for A Symphony of Lights, the largest permanent light and sound display in the world. More than 40 buildings along the harbour participate in this display, held at 8PM nightly and synchronized to music. The show is best watched aboard a cruise ship sailing the harbour, outside the Hong Kong Cultural Center, and at the Golden Bauhinia Square.

Golden Bauhinia Square

Top 12 Attractions You Must See on Your Hong Kong Holiday, Golden Bauhinia Square
Golden Bauhinia square.

Though officially referred to as the Expo Promenade, the Golden Bauhinia Square is so-called because it features a giant golden bauhinia sculpture, the bauhinia flower being the emblem of Hong Kong. This sculpture commemorates that day in 1997 when the United Kingdom handed over Hong Kong back to China.

Victoria Peak

Credit: megaiskanti

Another major tourist attraction for Hong Kong is Victoria Peak, the tallest mountain on Hong Kong Island. The viewing deck on the Peak offers magnificent views of Hong Kong and its harbours. The Peak also features two leisure centres – the Peak Tower and the Peak Galleria – and is also where the richest residents of Hong Kong live.

Aberdeen Harbor

Top 12 Attractions You Must See on Your Hong Kong Holiday, Aberdeen Habour
Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant.

Aberdeen Harbour on Hong Kong Island is foodie central, famous for its authentic Hong Kong cuisine and the Aberdeen Jumbo Floating Restaurant, a giant barge built to resemble a Chinese imperial palace floating on water. Aside from the food, tourists also flock to the harbour for its breathtaking views, its floating villages, and its sampan boats.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Top 12 Attractions You Must See on Your Hong Kong Holiday, Ocean Park
Ocean Park, Hong Kong.

One of the top 12 attractions you must see on your Hong Kong holiday. Close to Aberdeen Harbor is Ocean Park Hong Kong, the largest amusement park in Asia. Ocean Park features various animal exhibits, including an aquarium containing the largest aquarium dome in the world. The Park also contains roller coasters, a cable car, and other amusement rides.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Top 12 Attractions You Must See on Your Hong Kong Holiday, Disneyland
Hong Kong Disneyland.

The happiest place on earth isn’t just in Orlando, Florida or Anaheim, California. It’s also on Lantau Island in Hong Kong. Featuring seven theme parks, each with its own rides, attractions, shops and restaurants, Hong Kong Disneyland is a place for reliving your favourite Disney stories and connecting with your inner child. Apart from Disneyland, there are more adventurous places in Hong Kong that you might want to visit.

Lantau Island

Credit: shlyners

Hong Kong Disneyland isn’t the only attraction you’ll find on Lantau Island. This largest island in the whole of Hong Kong is where you’ll find the Po Lin Monastery, famous for its lovely Buddhist architecture and the Tian Tan Buddha, one of the largest statues of Buddha sitting outdoors. Lantau Island is also great for hiking and beachcombing, and for watching pink dolphins. Travelling to the island via the Ngong Ping 360 cable car is an experience in itself.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Credit: lob_freelance

The Wong Tai Sin Temple is a Taoist temple dedicated to the Immortal Wong, a deity in Chinese mythology with the power of healing. Tourists and locals alike flock here to worship and have their fortunes told. The temple features Chinese-style gardens and carved walls. It is also home to a considerable collection of Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian literature.

Hong Kong Wetland Park

Credit: kc ma

Hong Kong Wetland Park is Hong Kong’s attempt to showcase and conserve its natural fauna and flora. The Park is divided into two parts: the Wetland Interactive World and the Wetland Reserve. The Wetland Interactive World is where visitors can view galleries and exhibits regarding Hong Kong’s natural ecosystems. The Wetland Reserve, on the other hand, features recreated ecosystems where the visitors can have a more hands-on experience.

Repulse Bay Beach

Hong Kong Repulse Bay.

An upscale neighbourhood by the sea, Repulse Bay Beach is a popular weekend getaway for locals, where you can have fun in the sun or watch the sunrise while enjoying a romantic stroll. If you’re a foodie, Repulse Bay is also home to numerous award-winning restaurants.

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