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Top 6 Family Retreat Locations in Malaysia For A Fun Holiday!

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Going on a holiday with your family is definitely something you should do every now and then. It’s the perfect time to relax, unwind and catch up on each other’s lives especially if you lead a hectic lifestyle throughout the rest of the year. It is also said to be good for your mental health! Our country, for instance, has a lot of beautiful locations waiting for you to explore. So let’s check out some of the best and most popular family retreat destinations that you can consider to visit in Malaysia during your next holiday.

1. Langkawi Island, Kedah

Langkawi island is a popular family retreat destination in Malaysia
The iconic Eagle Square proudly greets Langkawi’s visitors every day

The beautiful island of Langkawi is known for its legendary Mahsuri folklore, beautiful beaches, shopping spots and duty-free shops. As an archipelago made up of 99 small islands, it is also the perfect destination to visit for diving activities.

What To Do in Langkawi?

You can rent a bicycle to explore the picturesque scenery of the island, passing through paddy fields, river banks and local houses there. Also, don’t forget to drop by the Oriental Village Langkawi and take the Langkawi Cable Car or go up to the famous Langkawi Sky Bridge. This is definitely the best place to be at if you would like to view the whole island clearly. Just make sure that the weather is good before you go!

Sky Bridge Langkawi is definitely the best spot to view the whole island
The Sky Bridge Langkawi offers a scenic view of the island| credit: @mimishamama

If you are travelling with children, the Underwater World Langkawi is definitely a must-visit attraction for you and the family. As the largest marine and freshwater aquarium in South East Asia, your kids will greatly benefit from all of the knowledge that they could learn there.

Your family retreat in Langkawi, Malaysia won't be complete without a visit to the Underwater World
Underwater World Langkawi is definitely a kids-favourite! | credit: @ezri.shah

After that, make sure to make your way to Beras Terbakar; a historical spot that witnessed the battle between Langkawi and Siam in 1821. It is said that the traces of the burned rice field can still be seen until now especially when heavy rain brings them up to the surfaces.

Don't forget to visit Kota Mahsuri while you're in Langkawi!
Visit Kota Mahsuri to learn more about the heartwrenching legend | credit: @iputra_upm

Finally, your visit to Langkawi will not be complete without visiting the tomb and house of Mahsuri. Be it a myth or reality, her life story will definitely send shivers down your spine! Other locations to consider include Cenang and Tengah Beach, Air Hangat Village Langkawi, Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls, Perdana Gallery and the iconic Eagle Square.

Telaga Tujuh features seven waterfalls and is the perfect family retreat location in Langkawi, Malaysia
Cool yourself down at the Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls| credit: @leila_lexploratrice

Langkawi sounds like a great place to be at? Book the budget Langkawi package from Tripez today to save more. You won’t regret it!

2. The Lost World of Tambun, Perak

Are you up for a short and fun gateway? If so, the Lost World of Tambun is definitely right up your alley! Located just about 2 hours away from Kuala Lumpur, it has everything you can think of including the Lost World Hotel that is situated right next to it.

Best family retreat location in Malaysia includes the Lost World of Tambun

What To Do in The Lost World Of Tambun?

From Water Park that opens during the day, Hot Springs Park at night, massage and spa to various other attractions to explore, you’ll never run out of things to do here!

Petting Zoo in the Lost World of Tambun
credit: @anisfarhana

For instance, the Petting Zoo, Tiger Valley and Luminous Forest are definitely a hit among the children. There, the kids are allowed to observe nature while interacting directly with certain animals such as rabbits, raccoons, giraffes and birds.

Lost World of Tambun offers various exciting activities that are perfect as a family retreat location in Malaysia
credit: @aruyy_24
Lost World of Tambun is definitely one of the best themepark in Malaysia

For teens and young adults, the slides in the Water Park and the rides in the Amusement Park are definitely enough to entertain them! If that is not the case, they could also head to the Adventure Park for some adrenaline-filled activities or the Tin Valley to learn about the history of tin-mining in Ipoh. Visitors are also able to experience ‘Dulang Washing’ or tin ore panning by themselves too!

3. Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, Perak

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort is located in Taiping, Perak.
credit: @duniazumal

The Lost World of Tambun doesn’t catch your attention? How about driving up to Taiping, Malaysia and visit the Bukit Merah Laketown Resort for your family retreat vacation instead! A perfect escapade for you and your family, this location offers the complete eat, stay and play package.

What To Do in Bukit Merah Laketown Resort?

Upon arrival, you can choose to check-in to the Laketown Hotel or the scenic Kampung Air Water Chalets. With different kind of rooms and suites available, you’ll definitely find something that is perfect for your group.

Enjoy the lake view of the Kampung Air Water Chalets during your family retreat in Perak, Malaysia
credit: Reza Ridhuan
Eateries available in Bukit Merah Laketown Resort
credit: BMLaketownResort

If you’re feeling famished, there are several places where you can get your stomach filled. Go dine by the lake at the Lelac Cafe or head to Bubbles Family Restaurant if you like fast food better. There is also the Ripples Hawker Centre that offers a wider variety of Malaysian-style meals like Nasi Lemak and Nasi Kandar.

Fun waterpark in Bukit Merah Laketown Resort
credit: BMLaketownResort
Bukit Merah Laketown Resort offers fun activites to fill your family retreat itineray in Perak, Malaysia
credit: BMLaketownResort

Now, you are ready to have a good time! Head to the Laketown Ecopark to enjoy activities such as sky-cling (pun intended) 200-metre mid-air while touring the tropical rainforest or spend your day trying all 13 rides that are available at the Laketown Waterpark. The Laketown Adventure and Recreation Parks also allow you to try other fun activities such as archery, fishing, kayaking, canopy walk et cetera.

4. Cameron Highlands, Pahang

Beautiful tea farm in Cameron Highlands
credit: @waszczuki

Looking for somewhere more serene so you can chill and relax? Cameron Highlands is definitely the answer! A highly popular getaway location during the school holidays, there are so many family-oriented activities available that you would like. Due to high altitude, you can also enjoy the refreshingly cool weather there!

What To Do in Cameron Highlands?

Strawberry picking in Cameron Highlands
credit: @healthycookiemonster

Start off by visiting the vegetables and fruits farms! Strawberry picking, for instance, is one of the activities that are popular especially among the children. Don’t forget to drop by the butterfly park and lavender garden if you have time afterwards.

Night Market in Brinchang would be your family retreat highlight in Cameron Highlands Malaysia
credit: @kairuri

A holiday in Cameron Highlands will not be complete without you experiencing the hustle and bustle of the crowds at the Brinchang Night Market. Here, you can buy different types of fresh produce straight from the locals as well as a variety of foods and snacks. Our advice, definitely try the vegetable fritters because they are oh-so-amazing!

Visit the Mossy Forest during your family retreat in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
credit: @jess.osk

While you’re there, why not visit the Mossy Forest too? Located at the highest elevation of Cameron Highlands, with constant mist and moisture, it is the ideal breeding ground for moss, ferns, lichen and orchids. Walkthrough the wooden platform built there to spot other variety of flora and fauna as well!

BOH Tea Plantation is a must go when you're in Cameron Highlands
credit: @havinggagander

Lastly, wrap up your family retreat in Cameron Highland, Malaysia by visiting the beautiful tea farms such as the BOH Tea Plantation. Known as a beautiful photography backdrop, make sure to take your time there to enjoy the scenery while sipping a cup of freshly brewed tea. There are a selection of dried tea leaves available to purchase if you would like to bring some souvenir home too!

5. LEGOLAND & Desaru Coast Waterpark, Johor

The beautiful LEGOLAND Hotel promises a fun night stay there
credit: @roykaewinmoment

Wish to keep the travelling nearer to the southern side of the peninsular? The state of Johor offers two exciting family retreat destinations to visit with your family in Malaysia. You can choose to head to Nusajaya and visit the LEGOLAND Malaysia or get splashin’ at Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark in Bandar Penawar, Johor. We guarantee that you’ll have a really great time either way!

What To Do in LEGOLAND Malaysia?

Various themed-parks await you in LEGOLAND Malaysia
credit: @erikajoycetupas

Built from 30 million pieces LEGO bricks and with 7 themed areas that are suitable to various age groups, your experience in LEGOLAND will definitely be as colourful as the place! This international park will seriously invoke that child-like imagination in you with more than 70 rides, slides and shows featured there. One of our favourites includes The Dragon, a thrilling roller-coaster ride in LEGO Kingdoms. Interestingly, it also has a child-friendly counterpart called the Dragon’s Apprentice!

Visit the LEGOLAND Water Park during your family retreat in Johor Malaysia
credit: @atinlee
SEA LIFE Malaysia is one of the best place to learn about ocean life in Johor
credit: @emily_decelles

On top of the dry parks, LEGOLAND Malaysia also has a water park and an aquarium for you and your family to explore. One day will not be enough so we would definitely recommend you to stay over during your visit. The aquarium, or known as SEA LIFE Malaysia offers 11 themed zones to let the visitors immerse themselves in the beauty of the ocean while they are there.

What do you think? These attractions in LEGOLAND Malaysia are definitely why it is considered as one of the top family retreat locations in the country, right?

What To Do in Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark?

Head off to Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark for a great family retreat in Malaysia
credit: @itsmefiqri

Been to LEGOLAND before? You still have the Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark to explore. As one of the largest waterparks in Malaysia, this location is perfect for a quick gateaway with your family too. Featuring both wet and dry parks, it also houses one of the biggest wave pools in South East Asia!

Various thrill rides are also available in Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark
credit: @adventurewaterpark

With various selections of chill and thrill rides, you can opt for the Kraken’s Revenge rollercoaster if you prefer the latter. With speed up to 70km/hour, two 360 degrees loops and a stomach-churning 27-metre drop, it’ll leave you screaming for more! There are also The Tempest, the Riptide, and the Super Twister rides to try afterwards.

Have fun riding rides in Desaru Waterpark
credit: @adventurewaterpark
Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark is the perfect family retreat destination in Malaysia
credit: @kayzierahman

If you are not much of a thrill-seeker, don’t worry because there are still so things you can do here. Float lazily through the 350-metre long Penawar River or head off to the Kids Ahoy which has their own fun slides designed to cater to the little ones.

6. Kota Kinabalu & Kundasang, Sabah

The iconic floating City Mosque in Kota Kinabalu | credit: @dasisa__

The last destination that you should really consider going for a family retreat would be Kota Kinabalu and Kundasang, Malaysia. True, the beauty of Sabah goes beyond the two places. But, for first-timers out there, these are somewhere good to start from.

What To Do in Kota Kinabalu?

Step up your family retreat in Malaysia by visiting Mari Mari Cultural Village in Sabah
credit: @mc.rich

From culture to nature, Kota Kinabalu offers an abundance of experience for its visitors. First, explore the rich heritage of Borneo in Mari Mari Cultural Village to learn how the indigenous ethnic groups in Sabah used to live in the olden days.

Tamparuli Bridge is famous for its love legend
credit: @szednyisa

Then, you can visit the Tamparuli Bridge which was made famous by the Kadazandusun folk song with the same name. Legend tells that this bridge used to be the witness of a tragic love triangle between a beautiful Tamparuli girl, a British officer and a local man who both had set their eyes on her.

You family retreat in Sabah, Malaysia won't be complete without visiting the Nabalu Market
credit: @mskutz

Next, remember to include the Nabalu Market in your itinerary. This location is a popular pit-stop for souvenirs among tourists. You can purchase locally-made handicrafts as well as try different kinds of Sabahan foods and snacks here.

Rafflesia, the largest flower in the world can be found in Kinabalu Park
credit: @allison_wongsw

Finally, make your way to Kinabalu Park for a healthy dose of flora and fauna. Catch the sight of Rafflesia, our nation’s pride and the world’s largest flower as well as the famous Rothschild’s Slipper Orchid there. Did you know? Dubbed as the most expensive in the world, the Rothschild’s Slipper Orchid could take up to 15 years to fully bloom!

Kinabalu Park offer nature trails with different level of difficulties
credit: @chris_melgarejo

Hiking up the Kinabalu Mountain might be a little too extreme for a family holiday. If you want something that is less demanding, you can opt to explore their nature trails instead. Before you leave, finish off your adventure in Kinabalu Park with a satisfying soak at Poring Hot Springs or the Kipungit and Langanan Waterfall.

What To Do in Kundasang?

Kundasang is a great place to go for a family retreat in Malaysia
credit: @theplanetrover

A place of beauty, Kundasang is definitely well-known for the green pastures of Desa Cattle Dairy Farm. Producing about 900,000 litres of milk per year, you can experience cow feeding as well as try their milky good ice-cream made fresh from the farm! Wrap the day up making a trip to Kundasang War Memorial for a quick history lesson. There, you will get to learn more of the sad story about the infamous Sandakan Death March during World War II.

Does reading this make you miss travelling? Wherever you decided on going to, always make sure to plan and get everything ready before you go. This is crucial so there would be nothing unpleasant happening during your stay that could possibly ruin the special moment. For families who are travelling with children and babies, check out these useful pointers before heading out too!

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