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Top Souvenirs You Must Bring Back From Macau

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Macau is a fabulous shopping destination, with a dazzling array of goods to offer at varying prices. What souvenirs should you buy and take home with you to remind you of your holiday in Macau?


Top Souvenirs You Must Bring Back With You From Macau, Jewelry
Local jewellery shop

Shiny rocks are widely available in Macau, from jaw-dropping precious pieces of inexpensive yet cleverly crafted crystals. You can buy precious jewels at duty-free prices in high-end malls like the Venetian Macao, but you can also venture at the credit standing shops located in the New Road Area. If you’re looking for costume jewellery, you can browse the shops near the Ruins of St. Paul’s.


Top Souvenirs You Must Bring Back With You From Macau, Tart
Credit: visitmacao

Another souvenirs from Macau that you should bring back is their pastries! Egg tarts, peanut candies, almond cakes, Macau-style dim sum – these are food items that you must buy in boxes and take home with you, whether to hoard in your pantry or to give away to loved ones. The Senado Square area is full of shops that sell these eats. You can also try the bakeries and pastry shops around the Ruins of St. Pauls.


Top Souvenirs You Must Bring Back With You From Macau, antique
Macanese antique items.

If you’re enamoured of Chinese-style antiques, furniture and home décor, you can easily find shops that sell them at Rua di San Paulo, near the Ruins of St. Paul’s. If you know your Chinese antiques, you might stumble upon a genuine article at a cheap price. If you’re content with replicas, you’ll find a lot of them there too.

Luxury items

Get luxury items at duty-free prices!

Macau is a duty-free port, so if you want to splurge on luxury items, a trip to Macau is the best way to indulge yourself. With 650 boutiques in three shopping malls, the Venetian Macao is the best place to shop until you drop, in cheaper, duty-free prices.

Macau is the Shopaholic’s dream destination. Make the shopping part of your itinerary on your visit to Macau. Book your trip today.

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