“Traveling is expensive but it’s just a matter of priorities”-Adi Sakinah Omar

T:A short bio about yourself, A 3-4 lines that best describe you, what you do for living and so…
A: My full name is Adi Sakinah Omar, 26 years old originally from Skudai, Johor.  I am currently living in Jeju Island, Korea with my husband. In fact, we are the only Malaysians here. I am currently in the final phase to finish my master pr0gram at Jeju National University in Fine Art, Painting. I came to Jeju alone in 2013 and fell in love with this place ever since. In 2014, I started Jeju Muslim Travel, which is my own travel and tour company based in Jeju Island.


T:Where have you been?
A:I grew up in Glasgow, Scotland and I have been to many countries in Europe and some other continents  such as Netherland, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, England, Korea, Turkey, Vietnam and just to name a few.


T:What was your best trip among all the trips?
A:My best trip was my honeymoon to Scotland last year.My husband and I met in 2009 when he was backpacking in Scotland. My family hosted him during his 7 days stay in Scotland. That’s when everything started. So, we decided to go back in time by repeating our first trip together to the Scottish Highlands.


T:What did you learn about yourself during the trip?

A:I learn to appreciate every moment i had because not everything can be repeated.

T:What’s your favourite/dream travel destination and why?

A:I do not have any specific dream destination but it is my objective to travel overland from Malaysia to  Asia dan Europe  with my own DIY campervan. I have been dreaming to cross China-Pakistan border via Karakoram Highway with my own Campervan.


T:Your favourite and most useful travel hacks?

A:Always look confident while travelling alone even when you are lost. Vulnerable-looking travelers are easy target for scammers or even criminals.

T:Your message to fellow young Muslim who wish/dreams to travel just like you

A:Traveling is expensive-that’s an undeniable truth, but so does your iphone, LV handbags and gadgets. It’s just a matter of priorities. Spend more of your money on experience because when you’re old, you’ll only remember the the sleepless night you spent camping on a mountain under the moon and stars.