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Steps To Register On MySejahtera App During Your 14-Days Quarantine

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The Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) announced by the Prime Minister YB Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin has now begun its implementation starting from 10th June 2020 to 31st August 2020. As a part of Malaysia’s fight against the COVID-19 outbreak, this stage will be focusing more on easing in the public into living in the new normal. This includes an ample amount of social distancing and hygiene care. With that being said, every Person Under Surveillance (PUS) who has been travelling out of Malaysia will now also be imposed on a 14-days quarantine period regardless if their initial Coronavirus come up as negative. All individuals under quarantine are also required to register on the MySejahtera app for daily check-in.

MySejahtera App COVID-19
Source: MySejahtera
How To Register On MySejahtera App During Quarantine
Source: Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia Facebook

How To Register On The MySejahtera App?

  1. Download and install the MySejahtera App via Google Play or AppStore
  2. Open the app and click ‘Register Here’
  3. You can choose to register using your mobile number or email address
  4. Fill in all the required information and then click Next
  5. If you are registering using your mobile number, the OTP code will be sent to you via SMS to the same mobile number. Key in the code received to continue with the registration
  6. Sign-up via email will receive a confirmation link instead
  7. Complete all the remaining details required, set your password and click the button to verify.
  8. Once done, close the app and then relaunch it to log in it again.
How To Check In On MySejahtera App During Quarantine
Source: Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia Facebook

How To Check In On The MySejahtera App?

  1. Open your app and log in (if required). Please register on the MySejahtera app before you start your quarantine (refer steps above)
  2. Click the button to scan QR code from the main menu
  3. Click ‘Check-in’ to scan the QR code of the MySejahtera premise
  4. After scanning, you will receive your check-in information right away
MySejahtera App Download
Source: MySejahtera

Why You Should Download the MySejahtera App?

  1. A set of COVID-19 checklist is available for you to answer and check your health status
  2. You can track the hotspot locations for COVID-19 that is nearest to your place
  3. To check the nearest COVID-19 screening locations if you need to go to one
  4. To receive online professional advice from the comfort of your home
  5. Verified COVID-19 related news are updated constantly on the app for your convenience

We hope this information will be helpful for any of you who are going into quarantine soon. Make sure to keep your personal hygiene at its best and adhere to the rules and regulations set by the ministry! Together, we can fight this virus once and for all. Also, check out the list we’ve compiled on airlines policies for COVID-19 that would be useful for you as a traveller!

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