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[UPDATED] Tips For Travellers During Their 14-Days Quarantine Period

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, every traveller returning from other countries are advised to quarantine themselves for 14-days according to the guidelines set by the World Health Organisation (WHO). This is to reduce the risk of further spreading in case the returning traveller carries the said virus. The Ministry Of Health in Malaysia, for instance, has specified several guidelines for travellers to follow when entering the country starting from June 2020. So, here are some tips on the things you should take note of after coming back from your journey on your 14 days quarantine!

Take the COVID-19 Test

Tips 14 Days Quarantine, COVID-19 test

If you have difficulty breathing showing any symptom after coming back, you should take the COVID-19 test immediately. It is even better if you can do the test earlier so you can know if you have COVID-19 or not. But for anyone entering Malaysia, you are required to quarantine yourself for 14 days, and also take the test on the 13th day after returning.

Avoid Public Places

Tips Quarantine, Quarantine VS Isolation
Credit: CDC

If possible, avoid going to public places especially public transport, shopping malls and other crowded areas. Do not go to work or school if you haven’t quarantine yourself for 14 days! However, there are differences between quarantine and isolation according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), so check out the diagram above to learn more!

Avoid Direct Contact From People

Tips 14 Days Quarantine, Social Distance

After ending your 14 days quarantine, make sure to still apply social distancing policy whenever you go out. Maintaining appropriate distance will help in slowing down the spread of COVID-19 and avoids you from catching the virus from others as well. Social distancing only works when everyone participates to do it. So make sure to do your part!

Take Temperature Regularly

Tips 14 Days Quarantine, Temperature Check

Other tips for your 14 days quarantine is to check on your temperature regularly. Even if you didn’t show any symptom, CDC also advises you to check your temperature twice daily throughout the quarantine period. Besides fever, check if you’re having breathing difficulty. It is better for you to use an infra-red thermometer for preciseness.

Maintain Good Hygiene

‘One, who maintains cleanliness keeps away diseases’

The important thing about maintaining your health is by taking care of your hygiene. While quarantining yourself, don’t forget to eat a well-balanced diet including vegetables and fruits to build your immunity too. Remember, one apple a day keeps the doctor away! Also, wash your hands regularly especially after touching any surfaces. Try your best to avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose as well. Watch this useful video from CDC about handwashing to make sure you are doing it correctly too!

Lastly, if you are showing COVID-19 symptoms during your quarantine, make sure to contact the correct sources immediately. Downloading the MySejahtera app will also help you to identify the next step to be taken. Your two weeks will pass by quickly if you spend your quarantine days wisely. Try discovering new hobbies such as gardening, cooking, or anything that out of your comfort zone. Together, we can fight this virus!

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