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[UPDATED] Tips On Using Public Transport During COVID-19

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Public transport is essential to everyone, especially for those who are working. The train system for example connects you from station to station in a shorter period of time. However, due to Coronavirus, everyone should take extra precaution when using it. Here are some tips that you can apply when using public transport to avoid Coronavirus.

Wear Your Mask

Tips Public Transport Coronavirus
Credit: CBC NEWS

The usage of a mask is crucial during this pandemic. Masks act as a physical barrier to protect everyone from bacterial that particulates. Hence, it is advisable to wear a mask all the time especially at public places. Kindly choose the right type of mask to avoid bacteria. Only wear mask that has been approved by the FDA.

Avoid Touching The Pole & Surfaces

Tips Public Transport Coronavirus

Although the surface of public transport has been sanitised regularly according to its operator, we advise limiting your touching point. Do not put your stuff on the floor unless necessary. After that, immediately clean up your stuff with antibacterial spray or disinfectant.

Travel During Off Peak Time

Plan your trip before taking any public transport. If you can afford to travel during off-peak hour, please do so. This is to avoid mass gathering in one place. However, if you need to travel during the busiest time, please apply the safety measure that we’ve provided.

Follow Social Distancing Rule

Every public transport will mark a seat that should be left empty to follow the social distancing that recommended by the WHO. Social distancing helps in avoiding the virus from spreading to another person. When queuing, follow the social distancing rule made by the public transport authorities.

Wash or Sanitise Your Hands Afterwards

Whenever you touch any surface, please wash your hand to avoid the germs from spreading into other surfaces. This is important especially for those who have parents or babies at home since they’re prone to this COVID-19. Carry a small hand sanitizer in your pocket so you can sanitize your hand anywhere if there’s no hand washer. We’ve attached the recommended ways to wash your hands by WHO.

That is all tips when using public transport during this pandemic of Coronavirus. Don’t forget to install and register to MySejahtera apps where you can keep track of the hotspot of COVID-19.

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