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The Complete COVID-19 Guide For Travellers

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Editor’s note: This is an ongoing post that will be constantly updated.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. As of end of June 2020, it has infected over 10 Million people in 213 countries and territories around the world and 2 international conveyances. There has been more than 514,000 deaths including 121 deaths in Malaysia as of June 30, 2020. This outbreak has left a huge impact on many industries including tourism but fortunately, we are seeing positive changes. Here is the complete COVID-19 guide for travellers.

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Things To Know About Coronavirus Before Travelling

Since the outbreak, most countries have implemented travel bans and closed the borders in efforts to slow down the spread. However, there are a few things to note before travelling during a COVID outbreak which is when this COVID-19 guide for travellers comes in handy.

Before planning a trip, consider the risk factors for yourself and those traveling with you. Do you or someone you’re traveling with fall into the category of high-risk and what are the statuses of the cases at destination you plan on traveling to? These are vital factors to ponder before travelling.

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Is It Safe To Travel Now?

For Malaysians, we are still unable to travel out of the country but the government has declared RMCO on June 10 2020 which means we are able to cross the country without needing permission from the authority. Domestically, we are able to travel but as borders are still closed, international travels are still unknown.

When Can I Travel Again?

Great news for Malaysians is that we are able to travel domestically now as the number of cases are looking positive. More updates can be found on the official website of Ministry of Health.

Are Malaysians Allowed To Travel Overseas During COVID-19?

Malaysians are currently unable to travel overseas for leisure but might be able to for emergencies. Provided that Malaysians quarantine themselves for 2 weeks once they arrived at the destination. Foreign nationals may transit through the international terminals of Malaysian airports but may not pass through Immigration. The MCO prohibits all individuals – Malaysian citizens and foreign nationals – from movement and mass assembly within Malaysia.

Is Domestic Trip Safer Than International Travel?

It is much safer to travel domestically as establishments are required to adhere to the SOPs given by the government. Otherwise, Malaysians will have to patiently wait for future updates from the government on international travels.

Country Guidelines For Travellers During COVID-19 Outbreak

Countries acted quickly to control the coronavirus outbreak by implementing screening at airports and restricting travel. Even though countries like New Zealand and Vietnam have been declared as COVID free, their borders are yet to be opened again. This goes to many other countries that were affected by the pandemic. The reopening of borders and resume of international travel fully depends on the state of the outbreak and whether more countries will have negative cases or not.

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What Airlines Are Doing With Their Policy To Ensure Safety During COVID-19 Outbreak?

A number of airlines are stepping up precautionary measures in the wake of the coronavirus. A number of airlines are disinfecting their aircraft and lounges more frequently. However, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), it’s unclear how long the virus stays on surfaces but it appears it could take up hours or several days.

How To Get Refunds For A Cancelled Flight Due to Coronavirus?

Refunds for a cancelled flight depends on the airline you are dealing with. Some are able to provide refunds but some aren’t. You may need to contact the respective airline to get your refunds whether in full, in half or transferred to credit system.

Will My Travel Insurance Cover The Cost of COVID-19 Treatment?

The cover of travel insurance differs for each company. You may contact your insurance agent to clarify on this matter. Should you have more questions or doubts, refer to the article we’ve below where we’ve listed out the different travel insurance and their policies.

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How To Pick The Right Hotel During Your Travel?

Another COVID-19 guide fort travellers is that you may also check in into hotels now as they are required to adhere to the SOPs given by the government. Make sure you choose hotels that are strict with their policy.

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Is It Safe To Use Public Transport During COVID-19?

Yes it most definitely is as they practice strict social distancing and sanitize constantly. Public transports even ensures that face masks are mandatory and have the 1 metre distance marked in every train and platform.

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What To Do If I Am Stranded Overseas Due To Lockdown Or Quarantine?

This is a tricky situation to be in but firstly, do get in contact with the Malaysian embassy on how to return home safely. You will have to go through all the processes but rest assured, you will be able to return to your country.

What To Do If I Get Sick During My Travel?

It is advisable to visit the nearest hospital or clinic to get yourself checked for COVID-19. It would be better with a medical insurance if you can provide it.

Measures To Take After Coming Back From Travelling

There are a lot of measures to take when you return from your travels but firstly is to quarantine yourself for 14 days in a different place. You will be provided with a hotel room to ensure you are keeping your distance from your family members until it is 100 percent sure you aren’t infected with coronavirus.

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Impact of Coronavirus To The Tourism Industry

Unfortunately, it has affected the industry deeply as travelling has been restricted in countries that are affected with this outbreak. However, we are slowly seeing positive news unfold and more borders being opened. Bali, Indonesia will be opened somewhere in September 2020 to international travellers but with strict rules.

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